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Farm workers carry rice saplings on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India, in July.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Nov 21, 2023
In India, 'natural farming' draws young people back to the land
The farming method shuns synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, involves the use of organic manure and no tilling of the land.
A man scoops up millet from a sack for a photograph at a wholesale market in India.
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 15, 2023
'Superfood' millet may be arid regions' answer to climate change
The forgotten crop is making a global comeback riding on its high nutritional value and ability to grow on arid land.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Apr 25, 2023
Heat waves in India drive leading clean-energy state back to coal
Karnataka's situation foretells the challenge facing India as the planet warms: the need to fall back on coal as the only reliable fuel despite a growing clean energy supply.
Japan Times
Mar 24, 2023
India's shrinking coal jobs fuel 'distress' migration to cities
Even in places where mining continues, local residents are being alienated and pushed out, turning them into 'energy migrants' struggling to find jobs.
Japan Times
Feb 24, 2023
India wants a clean energy transition deal — and its coal too
Simultaneously beefing up both coal and renewables points to a messy energy transition for India, including the risk of job losses if some coal mines are abandoned.
Japan Times
Dec 15, 2022
Children of India's burning coalfields dream of a fire-free future
Youth face an uphill struggle in an area where there is no other thriving industry.
Japan Times
May 26, 2022
As heat cuts power in India's 'coal capital,' locals seek fair energy share
Jharkhand locals say the lack of power is unfair on their state, whose coal reserves light up big cities and power the nation's industries.
Japan Times
Apr 16, 2022
Mumbai heat wave leaves fewer fish in the sea for female sellers
Located on the Arabian Sea, a particularly fast-warming part of the Indian Ocean, Mumbai has experienced unseasonal rains, cyclones and extreme heat in the past five years.
Japan Times
Mar 7, 2022
India's first social plan for closed coal hubs aims for 'honorable' lives
The plan for a socially fair shift away from coal in areas where mines have been shut will include alternative jobs and efforts to protect basic services from the effects.
Japan Times
Jan 29, 2022
Activists demand stop to Japan-funded coal plant in climate-vulnerable Bangladesh
Climate campaigners said the project contradicts Japan's commitment, made with other wealthy G7 nations last May, to end funding for 'unabated' coal power overseas by the end of 2021.
Japan Times
Oct 21, 2021
How to tackle COVID-19 jobs crisis and climate change? Invest in clean energy
Investing in green technology can help economies recover, but governments are spending more on carbon-heavy industries to spur growth lost during lockdowns.
Japan Times
Sep 10, 2021
'Tiger on my farm': Indian coal mining hub brings new dangers for villagers
With a dense population of 1.3 billion, India is vulnerable to human-animal conflict as people encroach on wildlife habitats.
Japan Times
Jul 29, 2021
'No safety nets': Debts weigh on grieving Indian families
Tens of thousands of Indians are facing the triple burden of bereavement, joblessness and debt after a brutal second wave of COVID-19.
Japan Times
Jun 17, 2021
Wealthy residents and workers jump vaccine queue in India's financial hub
India began vaccinating front-line workers and over 60s against COVID-19 in January but hit a hurdle in May when all adults became eligible for a jab, amid major supply shortages.
Japan Times
May 14, 2021
Vaccine lottery: Indian states grapple with how to share COVID-19 jabs
India is a major producer of COVID-19 vaccines, but by Monday it had fully vaccinated only 34.8 million people — about 2.5% of the population, government data shows.
Japan Times
May 12, 2021
As COVID-19 ravages India, one Mumbai slum succeeds in turning the tide
The pandemic crisis has forced both authorities and local people to rethink sanitation and public health issues.
Japan Times
WORLD / Society
Apr 22, 2021
Indian maids count cost of COVID-19 in testing times
Some housing complexes have even put up camps to test staff for free before they enter the building, but many employers are insisting the maids pay for the tests from their own wages.
Japan Times
Mar 24, 2021
In India's tea estates, next generation of pickers want land, not jobs
In the green, undulating hills of eastern India that supply the world with Darjeeling tea, revolution is brewing as a new generation dreams of life beyond the confines and hardship of plantation work.
Japan Times
Oct 26, 2020
Hit by deluges and droughts, India's cities look to get climate-smart
Last year, the country experienced a longer-than-usual summer, the biggest monsoon rains in 25 years, a record number of cyclones and unusual cold waves.
Japan Times
Jul 3, 2020
In India, child labor victims struggle to receive state compensation
Rescued victims of child labor in India rarely receive state compensation, new data shows, as campaigners warned a government drive to boost support for slavery survivors was falling short.


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