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An Israeli soldier jumps off a tank near the Israel-Gaza border on Thursday. The slow progress of Israel's offensive highlights the difficulty of achieving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aim of eradicating Hamas.
WORLD / Politics
May 17, 2024
Israel moves into north Gaza Hamas stronghold, pounds Rafah without advancing
The slow progress of its offensive highlights the difficulty of achieving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's aim of eradicating the militant group.
Palestinian children wait to receive food cooked by a charity kitchen amid shortages of supplies in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Tuesday.
WORLD / Society
Mar 6, 2024
Gaza's hungry await aid despite convoy deaths amid dispute over supplies
Only a fraction of the food needed is getting in and very little reaching the northern areas where children are said to have started dying of malnutrition.
Netanyahu said Israel would not succeed in freeing the remaining hostages held by Hamas without applying military pressure.
WORLD / Politics
Dec 27, 2023
Israel launches more Gaza strikes as Netanyahu says Hamas must be destroyed
Israeli military said its air force carried out a strike against 100 Hamas targets, including tunnel shafts, to assist ground forces in Gazan suburb.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
WORLD / Politics
Dec 26, 2023
Civilians in Gaza navigating 'human chessboard,' says U.N. official
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue the fight against Hamas militants amid international pressure to reduce harm to civilians.
Israeli soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in this handout picture released on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Dec 18, 2023
Israel opens aid crossing to Gaza while stepping up bombardment
Hopes flickered at news that Israel may have spoken with Qatar, one of the mediators of an earlier ceasefire.
Israeli soldiers carry out operations inside Gaza's Shifa hospital on Wednesday.
WORLD / Politics
Nov 16, 2023
Israeli troops scour Gaza hospital for evidence of Hamas HQ
The "beating heart" of the Hamas fighters' operations was headquartered in tunnels beneath the Shifa hospital, Gaza's largest, Israeli forces had said.
Palestinians search for casualties at the site of Israeli strikes on houses in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday.
WORLD / Society
Nov 1, 2023
Israel kills at least 50 in military strike on Gaza refugee camp
An Israel Defense Forces statement said the strike by fighter jets on Jabalia, Gaza's largest refugee camp, had killed a Hamas commander.
Palestinians at the site of an Israeli strike on a house in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Tuesday
WORLD / Politics
Oct 25, 2023
World leaders seek pause in Israeli strikes on Hamas for Gaza aid
Deadly clashes have intensified between multiple parties, with wider conflict posing a risk to security in a region key to global energy supplies.
A view of destroyed houses in the Beit Hanoun district of Gaza Strip as seen from Sderot, Israel, on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 23, 2023
Israel strikes Gaza and Lebanon as Netanyahu convenes generals
Israel has amassed tanks and troops near the fenced border around Gaza for a planned ground invasion aiming to annihilate Hamas.
Fire and smoke rises above buildings during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, in the Gaza Strip, on Sunday.
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Oct 8, 2023
Israel security forces face questions over intel after Hamas attack
Israel's security apparatus appeared to break down as a force of Hamas gunmen estimated in the hundreds broke through security fences.


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