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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi (right) during a meeting in Tokyo on Tuesday.
JAPAN / Politics / FOCUS
Jul 24, 2024
Why Japan's mysterious stash of classified funds escapes scrutiny
The funds can be used by the chief cabinet secretary with no explanation needed, fueling speculation of widespread misappropriation.
Officials of the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office raid the office of Lower House member Manabu Horii in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, on Thursday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 22, 2024
Lawmaker Horii knew funeral money handouts were illegal: sources
Prosecutors raided Horii's offices in Tokyo and Hokkaido as well as his home, on suspicion of violating the public offices election law.
Tokyo prosecutors raid the Noboribetsu, Hokkaido office of Lower House member Manabu Horii on Thursday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 21, 2024
Lawmaker Horii may have used kickbacks to pay funeral money
Politicians are prohibited from giving donations to voters in their districts except as consolation at funerals that they themselves attend.
House of Representatives lawmaker Manabu Horii, 52, quit the Liberal Democratic Party on Thursday after his offices were raided by prosecutors. He said last month that he will not run in the next Lower House election.
JAPAN / Politics
Jul 18, 2024
Prosecutors raid offices of LDP lawmaker Manabu Horii
He is being investigated over allegations that he gave funeral money to voters in his constituency in Hokkaido.
Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike meets with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the Prime Minister's Office on Tuesday following her victory in Sunday's gubernatorial election.
JAPAN / Politics / FOCUS
Jul 11, 2024
Sense of crisis remains in LDP over next general election
The LDP suffered a major defeat in Sunday’s Tokyo metropolitan assembly by-elections, adding to their string of recent national and local losses.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is struggling to stay in office amid low public approval ratings and discontent from within his party. However, it is extremely rare for a sitting LDP president running for reelection to be dethroned.
Jul 5, 2024
Kishida fights for his political life
Despite low public approval ratings and discontent in the LDP, all is not lost for Prime Minister Kishida if the summer is kind to him and he plays his cards right.
Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Jun Azumi (center) submits a no-confidence motion against the Cabinet of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Lower House Speaker Fukushiro Nukaga (second from left) on Thursday in the parliament.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 20, 2024
Lower House votes down no-confidence motion against Kishida’s government
The motion was voted down by the LDP and its junior coalition partner Komeito, which together hold a supermajority in the chamber.
Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan leader Kenta Izumi (left) faces off against Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in a debate in parliament on Wednesday.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 19, 2024
CDP's Izumi challenges Kishida to dissolve Lower House
Izumi said Kishida ought to seek a fresh mandate from the public due to his party's handling of its slush funds scandal.
A bill to revise the political funds control law is passed at a plenary meeting of the Upper House on Wednesday.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 19, 2024
Diet passes political funds bill in wake of LDP money scandal
A third-party organization will be established to check how lawmakers use the so-called policy activity funds.
Nippon Ishin no Kai leader Nobuyuki Baba and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida after signing an agreement on a political reform bill in May
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 18, 2024
Nippon Ishin to vote against political funds bill
Nippon Ishin, which had voted for the bill in the House of Representatives, is considering submitting a censure motion against Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Nippon Ishin no Kai leader Nobuyuki Baba sign an agreement to create a law reforming lawmaker allowances on May 31.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 16, 2024
Kishida pledges to 'sincerely address' reforming lawmaker allowances
The prime minister said he would approach the reforms based on an accord reached between his ruling Liberal Democratic Party and opposition Nippon Ishin no Kai.
Fumio Kishida
Jun 13, 2024
Kishida Cabinet approval hits new low of 16.4%: Jiji poll
The result suggests that the Cabinet's efforts to revise the political funds control law in the wake of a slush fund scandal have not been well received by the public.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks during an Upper House committee session on Monday.
Jun 13, 2024
LDP allies concerned effort to improve funding transparency may be weakened
The House of Councilors began substantive deliberations on the legislation on Monday.
Liberal Democratic Party Vice President Taro Aso (left), Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (center) and LDP Secretary-General Toshimitsu Motegi sing the LDP song at the party's annual convention in Tokyo on March 17.
Jun 8, 2024
Kishida could break with Motegi and Aso over fund regulation
To secure backing for the bill, Kishida chose to concede to external parties rather than side with his right-hand men in the LDP.
Amid low approval ratings since the Liberal Democratic Party slush funds scandal came to light, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is making the political funding bill's passage his No. 1 priority for the current session of parliament.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 6, 2024
LDP's political funding bill clears Lower House
The bill's passage marks a watershed moment in a monthslong debate sparked by a slush funds scandal that engulfed the ruling party.
In a meeting with Nippon Ishin no Kai head Nobuyuki Baba (left) in Tokyo last Friday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida had secured a formal endorsement of the Liberal Democratic Party's proposed revisions for the political funding law.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 4, 2024
Fumble with Nippon Ishin over funding vote adds to Kishida's predicament
The calling off of Tuesday's vote on the Liberal Democratic Party's proposed revisions for the political funding law might shake his precarious standing in the party.
Senior ruling and opposition lawmakers on the Lower House political reform committee decide Monday that the bill will be voted on in parliament the following day.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 3, 2024
Lower House vote on political funds law revision agreed
Movement on the vote follows a deal between the Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito and Nippon Ishin no Kai on the content of the bill.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Komeito head Natsuo Yamaguchi meet at the Prime Minister's Office in Tokyo on Friday.
JAPAN / Politics
May 31, 2024
LDP secures backing for revisions to political funding law
The agreement with Komeito and Nippon Ishin no Kai paves the way for the bill's passage in the current session of parliament.
A Liberal Democratic Party fundraising event in Tokyo in 2023
JAPAN / Politics / FOCUS
May 31, 2024
Why Japanese politics can't quit fundraising parties
To succeed in Japanese politics, it’s long been said that a politician must have, among other things, a fat purse.
Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Keisuke Suzuki responds to questions by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan on Friday at a meeting of a Lower House committee discussing revisions to the political funds control law.
JAPAN / Politics
May 29, 2024
LDP proposes party subsidy halts for fund law violations
The draft was shown at a meeting of executives from the special political reform committee of the Lower House.


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