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Crisis management

"If NHK was smart, it would be sending its collectors out in full force now that companies are asking their staff to work remotely."

NHK kicks off internet-based simulcast service

National Mar 1, 2020

NHK kicks off internet-based simulcast service

NHK started on Sunday simultaneous broadcasting of its television programs on the internet. The simulcast service, dubbed "NHK plus," will be offered 17 hours a day from 7 a.m. to midnight in March, before expanding to 18 hours a day from 6 a.m. to midnight ...

National Feb 6, 2020

Communications ministry asks NHK to cut viewing fees further

Communications minister Sanae Takaichi asked NHK on Wednesday to make further cuts to its subscription fees. The request was included in a set of proposals compiled by Takaichi. The proposals were approved the same day at a meeting of the Radio Regulatory Council, which advises ...

National Jan 16, 2020

NHK to simultaneously broadcast online 18 hours a day from April

NHK said Wednesday that it will simulcast its television programs online for 17 hours a day starting in March before rolling out 18-hours-per-day coverage in April. NHK had hoped to launch around-the-clock simulcasts in April, but it shortened the time to 18 hours after the ...