J-pop duo Yoasobi gave the 74th edition of NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” its standout moment — and a prime example of what the show needs to do in modern times.

Near the end of the New Year’s Eve music bonanza, Yoasobi performed its 2023-defining hit, “Idol.” The duo went big with their performance, inviting nearly every other act considered an “idol” on the “Kohaku” lineup up on stage with them. This included compatriots such as Sakurazaka46 and NiziU, as well as South Korean acts Seventeen, Stray Kids and NewJeans.

It was a clever move. The performance underlined the show’s theme of “Borderless” by bringing artists from J-pop and K-pop together, offering an optimistic moment of two nations intersecting. Yoasobi served up the night’s best performance.