J-pop is enjoying newfound global attention, in large part because the nation’s music industry finally embraced the internet. Not long ago, coming across a 30-second preview for an Exile song online felt like uncovering a rare gem. That has changed in the 2020s, to the point where companies are eager to share.

The latest entries in the race for virality come from NHK. At the end of March, the national broadcaster announced the launch of Tiny Desk Concerts Japan. NHK worked with America’s NPR to bring its long-running web series — which features artists performing stripped-down sets inside the cozy offices of the organization’s music department — to the other side of the world.

Tiny Desk Concerts Japan’s debut episode featured rising star Kaze Fujii delivering a playful set from the NHK Music department office in Shibuya. While the U.S. Tiny Desk shared the whole performance on its YouTube channel and official site, the Japan side offered up one song on the video platform before directing viewers to NHK’s dedicated page for watching full sets. It’s a little complicated, but hey, isn’t progress?