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UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini arrives in Egypt, near the border with the Gaza Strip, on Saturday.
Mar 23, 2024
Japan considers resuming UNRWA funding
Japan, along with North American and European countries, had suspended its UNRWA funding in January.
Smoke rises during an Israeli raid at Al Shifa hospital and the area around it, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas, in Gaza City on Thursday.
Mar 22, 2024
U.S. puts pressure on Israel with Gaza cease-fire resolution as Qatar talks continue
Hamas says it will release hostages only as part of a deal that would end the war, but Israel says it will discuss only a temporary pause.
Palestinians walk past the ruins of houses destroyed during Israel's military offensive in Gaza City on March 20.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 21, 2024
The war in Gaza has left a power vacuum, and scant planning to fill it
Experts have dismissed a proposal by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as vague and an unrealistic effort to procrastinate on serious action.
Security personnel guard trucks carrying aid as they arrive in the southern Gaza Strip on Jan. 17.
Mar 20, 2024
Palestinian clans and factions step in to protect Gaza aid
Numerous clans, civil society groups and factions — including Hamas' secular political rival Fatah — have stepped in to help provide security.
Palestinian children wait to receive food cooked by a charity kitchen amid shortages of food supplies, as the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas continues, in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on March 5.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 20, 2024
In Gaza, starving children fill hospital wards as famine looms
Hundreds if not thousands more children could die of hunger unless fighting stops and aid agencies have full access throughout Gaza, UNICEF says.
Displaced Palestinians, who fled their houses due to Israeli strikes, shelter in a tent camp in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip this month.
Mar 19, 2024
Displaced Palestinians in Gaza face compounding health risks
While the U.N. warns of famine, humanitarian officials say fast-deteriorating sanitation conditions are making people even more vulnerable.
Palestinians gather to receive aid outside an UNRWA warehouse as Gaza residents face crisis levels of hunger on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 19, 2024
'Catastrophic' food shortages make mass death imminent in Gaza, agency warns
The number of people in parts of northern Gaza suffering the most severe food shortages is said to be more than triple the famine threshold.
Palestinian Umm Nael Al-Khlout cooks breakfast on the rubble of her house which was destroyed during Israel's military offensive in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip on March 13.
Mar 18, 2024
The daily hunt for food in Gaza
For 2 million hungry people in the Gaza Strip, most days bring a difficult search for something to eat.
A Palestinian child waits to receive food cooked by a charity kitchen in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. The United Nation's children's agency said on Sunday that many children in Gaza are suffering from severe malnutrition.
Mar 18, 2024
UNICEF says over 13,000 children killed in Gaza in Israel offensive
Israel's military assault on Gaza has displaced nearly its entire 2.3 million-person population, caused a starvation crisis, and killed over 31,000 people.
A Palestinian girl sits holding a toddler on a sand dune overlooking a camp for displaced people in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 18, 2024
Oxfam says Israel 'deliberately' blocking aid to Gaza
NGO accuses Israel of "systematically and deliberately" blocking and undermining meaningful humanitarian response" in the Palestinian territory.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) speaks during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz following their meeting in Jerusalem on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 18, 2024
Israeli PM says civilians can leave crowded Rafah before invasion
But the question "where should they go" remain unanswered as Israel continues its offensive against Hamas over five months after Gaza plunged into war.
Hezbollah members take part in the funeral of four members of one family killed by in an Israeli air raid in southern Lebanon, on March 11 in Blida, near the border with Israel.
Mar 16, 2024
Hezbollah tells Iran it would fight alone in any war with Israel
Hezbollah, a sworn enemy of Israel, has shown support for Hamas in the form of limited volleys of rockets fired across Israel's northern border.
Members of the Kurdistan Centre for Arts and Culture, inspect old books before making digital copies, as part of an effort to digitize historic Kurdish volumes and manuscripts, in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk on Feb. 13.
WORLD / Society
Mar 11, 2024
'Sacred job': Iraqi Kurds digitize books to save threatened culture
In Iraq, the Kurds are a sizeable minority who have been persecuted, and many of their historic documents have been lost or destroyed.
A Palestinian child stands in the remains of a building following an Israeli airstrike in a residential neighborhood of Deir al-Balah, in the Gaza Strip, on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 11, 2024
Israel-Hamas cease-fire agreement elusive as Ramadan arrives
The U.S. had been hoping for a breakthrough in the negotiations before Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, which began after sundown Sunday.
Riyadh is one of three Saudi Arabia cities that is set to host new Baseball United franchises, marking the first time professional baseball will be brought to the country.
Mar 6, 2024
Baseball United to bring professional baseball to Saudi Arabia
The deal marks the first time professional baseball will be brought to Saudi Arabia.
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris in Selma, Alabama, on Sunday
WORLD / Politics
Mar 5, 2024
Kamala Harris presses Israel war Cabinet's Benny Gantz on Gaza aid and Rafah
The U.S. vice president urged Israel to craft a "credible" humanitarian plan before conducting major military activities in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip.
An Israeli soldier patrols near the site of the Hamas attack on a music festival in southern Israel on Oct. 12.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Mar 5, 2024
U.N. finds evidence of sexual violence by Hamas since Oct. 7
A separate report by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel concluded that the sexual violence committed by Hamas was systematic and deliberate.
Gaza on Sunday
WORLD / Politics
Mar 4, 2024
Israel said to boycott Cairo cease-fire talks over hostage list
In past negotiations Hamas has sought to avoid discussing the well-being of individual hostages until after terms for their release are set.
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the Edmund Pettus Bridge during an event to commemorate the 59th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, Alabama, on Sunday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 4, 2024
In blunt remarks, U.S. VP Harris calls for 'immediate cease-fire' in Gaza
The Israeli government, she said, must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid and not impose "unnecessary restrictions" on its delivery.
A satellite image shows the Rubymar cargo ship on Friday after it was heavily damaged in a Feb. 19 missile strike claimed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels.
Mar 3, 2024
Ship sunk by Houthis threatens Red Sea environment
The sinking marks the first vessel lost since the Houthis began targeting ships in November.


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