Cybersecurity officials start focusing on the 2020 elections

World / Politics Nov 9, 2018

Cybersecurity officials start focusing on the 2020 elections

An unprecedented federal and state collaboration to defend U.S. election systems against Russian interference ended with no obvious voting system compromises, although it is not entirely clear why. Federal officials are wondering whether foreign agents are saving their ammunition for the 2020 presidential showdown or ...

Senegal launches African cybersecurity school

Business / Tech Nov 7, 2018

Senegal launches African cybersecurity school

Senegal on Tuesday inaugurated a cybersecurity school to strengthen West Africa's defenses against computer hackers and use of the internet for terror funding and propaganda. Senegalese Foreign Minister Sidiki Kaba and French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian gave the ceremonial start to the National Cyber-Security School ...

World / Politics Oct 20, 2018

Russian-linked bots used U.S. startups to meddle in elections

Operatives behind Russian-linked bots used tools from U.S. startups, including IFTTT Inc., to supercharge social-media misinformation campaigns and meddle in elections. Data disclosed this past week by Twitter Inc. showed that hundreds of accounts affiliated with the Russia-based Internet Research Agency used services offered by ...

World Oct 20, 2018

Hackers breach U.S. system, get data on 75,000 people

A U.S. government computer system that interacts with was hacked this month, compromising the sensitive personal data of some 75,000 people, officials said Friday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made the announcement late in the afternoon ahead of the weekend, a time ...