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The Cards series of aluminum statement earrings, designed by Kanako Matsuo and manufactured by Marushin Industrial Co. Ltd’s in-house brand Alart, each comprise five pieces that can be hung on loops in any combination.
LIFE / Style & Design
Jul 22, 2023
Summer is the season of playful design debuts
June's Interior Lifestyle Tokyo international trade fair was filled with objects designed to spark a little joy in life.
Japan Times
Sep 12, 2021
Smart glasses made Google look dumb. Now Facebook is giving them a try.
The company has teamed up with Ray-Ban to create glasses that can take photos, record video, answer phone calls and play podcasts.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle / Kateigaho International Japan Edition
May 30, 2020
Elegant glassware: On the cutting edge of glass research
Masao Adachi pivoted from his career as an architect into the world of glass, developing a technique he calls his silk-thread pattern.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle / Kateigaho International Japan Edition
May 23, 2020
Elegant glassware: A historic fusion of kirikane and glass
Akane Yamamoto has finally achieved what no other glass artist could do: fusing patterns made with gold leaf between two pieces of curved glass.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle / Kateigaho International Japan Edition
May 16, 2020
Elegant glassware: The next generation of artists
Japanu2019s glass craft scene is on a roll today, with artists melding Eastern and Western aesthetics to pioneer innovative techniques and take the artform in new directions.
Japan Times
Jan 28, 2020
Poaching of glass eels on the rise in Japan amid surging prices
Japan is struggling to crack down on the poaching of glass eels, which has been on the rise due to surging prices reflecting unprecedentedly poor catches.
Japan Times
LIFE / Style & Design / ON: DESIGN
Jan 20, 2020
Handmade in Japan with love
From horizontal vases to panty-clad glasses, Japan's handmade market can offer some extraordinary gift ideas for Valentine's Day.
BUSINESS / Companies
Dec 13, 2019
Chemical-maker Tosoh to launch first quartz glass plant in South Korea
Chemical-maker Tosoh Corp. will launch its first quartz glass plant in South Korea to capitalize on growing local demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle / Kateigaho International Japan Edition
Aug 17, 2019
Crafts that connect food and the table: Glassware glinting with light
Glassmaker Kiyoharu Matsuda is renowned for his high technical standards and the timeless design of his products.
Japan Times
Jun 9, 2018
It's not what's in the glass of sake, it's the glass itself
Riedel's new Junmai Glass elevates drinking junmai, or "pure rice," sake to a multisensory experience.
Japan Times
Jan 27, 2018
Morning Glass Coffee: Hawaiian vibes meet cafe chic
At Morning Glass Coffee, they'd like you to forget you're surrounded by office buildings. To do so, they've decorated the ground floor (of an office building) with greenery, creating a somewhat successful visual separation from the urban jungle outside.
Japan Times
Jan 7, 2018
Edo-kiriko: A cut above the average glassware
For Ryuichi Kumakura, a 70-year-old cut-glass artisan, finding young workers eager to learn and preserve the traditional Japanese craft is the least of his troubles — showing them how to engrave exquisite pieces of glassware with precision is what matters most.
Japan Times
Dec 29, 2017
Oton Glass CEO looks to help those with reading disabilities and ease their lives
What would you do if you suddenly lost your ability to read, and the text you're reading now became an incomprehensible jumble of letters?
Sep 7, 2017
Winners of Blue Planet Prize call on world leaders to take action on environmental threats
A group of scientists expressed concern on Thursday that world leaders are not on the same page about the urgency to counteract global threats to environment, and called on all governments to take action.
Japan Times
Jul 22, 2017
Yasuhiko Tsuchida: Bringing a hint of Japan to Venetian glass art
On a sweltering summer day in Venice, the temperature in Yasuhiko Tsuchida's glass-making atelier feels at least 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. Men roast their faces against groaning furnaces, shirts drenched with sweat, pulling clumps of luminous molten glass from the fire as the glass artist directs the works.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 20, 2017
Toshiba board, CEO blasted by Glass Lewis for poor governance
Proxy adviser Glass Lewis & Co. blasted Toshiba Corp.'s board for poor governance amid repeated scandals and recommended investors vote against all directors at the company's shareholders meeting this month.
Japan Times
Jun 10, 2017
Plastic fantastic: How does Tokyo recycle its waste?
The next time you trek out to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, situated on the fringes of Shinagawa along Tokyo Bay, look around and you'll see a giant smokestack by the Konan Ohashi Bridge. The visa-dispensing center, essential for foreign nationals who want to live in Tokyo, stands right by a garbage factory. However, the Minato Incineration Plant plays a key role in efforts to promote sustainable living in the capital: It houses a state-of-the-art recycling plant.
Japan Times
Dec 20, 2016
Reverse Paintings on Glass: The 200 Years of Dazzling History
Dec. 23-Feb. 26
Nov 17, 2016
Indian economist and Swiss zoologist win 2016 Blue Planet Prize for environmental work
Indian environmental economist Pavan Sukhdev and Swiss zoologist Markus Borner were named the winners Tuesday of this year's Blue Planet Prize for their contributions to helping solve global environment issues.
Japan Times
Jul 2, 2016
Japan's new retro
This month we look at quintessentially Japanese objects re-invented as modern-retro designs.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves