Morning Glass Coffee: Hawaiian vibes meet cafe chic

by J.J. O'Donoghue

Contributing Writer

At Morning Glass Coffee, they’d like you to forget you’re surrounded by office buildings. To do so, they’ve decorated the ground floor (of an office building) with greenery, creating a somewhat successful visual separation from the urban jungle outside.

The green theme continues inside and the decor, from the furniture to the long barista’s counter, is made of wood. The cafe has a relaxed vibe and is the kind of place you might imagine people bringing their yoga mats. Actually, they do, as once a week, the cafe hosts a yoga class.

Morning Glass Osaka is an offshoot of the original Morning Glass Coffee in Honolulu and they’ve borrowed much of the aesthetic and menu from Hawaii. There are three separate menus, for morning, lunch and pau hana (the time when the working day is done). It is a casual dining affair, with burritos, sandwiches, pancakes and burgers, but it is not a rushed one.

On a recent visit, I missed the breakfast burrito and instead perused the sandwich menu. It’s a great lineup of sandwiches, including grilled mortadella, grilled Gouda and a B.A.T., which includes applewood smoked bacon and baby arugula. The portobello sandwich is a treat, and is well complemented by a slice of bacon.

The only thing that’s hard to swallow is the price. With a cappuccino, the bill came to just over ¥2,000. A little stiff for what is an easygoing cafe with a lot going for it.

Japanese and English menu; some English spoken