World Nov 8, 2019

Mass surveillance fears as India readies facial recognition system

As India prepares to install a nationwide facial recognition system in an effort to catch criminals and find missing children, human rights and technology experts warn of the risks to privacy from increased surveillance. Use of the camera technology is an effort in "modernizing the ...

Facial recognition becomes opt-in feature at Facebook

Business / Tech Sep 4, 2019

Facial recognition becomes opt-in feature at Facebook

Facebook on Tuesday said facial recognition technology applied to photos at the social network will be an opt-in feature. The change that began rolling out to users around the world came as the leading social network remains under pressure to better protect privacy and user ...

Business / Tech Aug 17, 2019

British mall tested facial recognition of shoppers

A British mall that scanned shoppers using facial-recognition cameras said on Friday it is no longer using technology that advocacy groups called a threat to privacy. Meadowhall in the northern city of Sheffield, which attracts more than 25 million visitors a year, used the surveillance ...