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One of the main hurdles to more widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Europe cited by industry experts is the difficulty in rolling out necessary infrastructure quickly and broadly.
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 12, 2024
Bumpy ride for electric cars in Europe
Sales of plug-in "zero emission" vehicles have stalled in the region in recent months.
Electricity pylons next to the Sizewell B nuclear power station, in Sizewell, U.K.
Apr 9, 2024
European nuclear plants put out of work by green power surge
The drive to promote renewable energy is turning the screws on Europe’s nuclear industry.
Simon Harris, Ireland's prime minister-in-waiting, is among a vanguard of European politicians embracing the Chinese-owned social media platform, calculating that the need to reach younger voters outweighs security concerns.
WORLD / Politics
Apr 9, 2024
European politicians embrace TikTok despite security fears
Ahead of elections, mainstream politicians are wary of ceding ground to fringe parties who have successfully exploited its short video format.
Broken fridges in the yard of a recycling workers' tenement house in Dongxiaokou village in Beijing in 2014
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Apr 8, 2024
Climate-warming gases being smuggled into Europe, investigation says
Law enforcement agencies across the European Union are struggling to keep track of illicit shipments entering via Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.
Supporters of the Senior Women for Climate Protection association outside the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, on March 29, 2023
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Apr 8, 2024
How three European human rights cases could shape climate litigation
The verdicts will set a precedent for future litigation on how rising temperatures affect people's right to a livable planet.
Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni attends a European Union leaders summit in Brussels on March 22.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 29, 2024
Meloni-Le Pen rift mars far right's prospects of wielding EU power
Divisions within Europe's nationalist right that may stymie efforts to wield power at an EU level despite record support.
Last year the EU designated six companies — including Apple and Google — as "gatekeepers" under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
Mar 26, 2024
Why is the EU probing Big Tech under the Digital Markets Act?
Violations could result in fines of as much as 10% of a company's global annual turnover.
Ukrainian rescuers gather outside of a residential building after a missile attack in Kyiv on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 22, 2024
In Putin's growing shadow, EU faces lack of consensus on arming Ukraine
Over two years into Moscow's war against its neighbor, Kyiv's troops are struggling to hold ground as Western deliveries of ammunition have faltered.
European Council President Charles Michel during a news conference in Brussels on Feb. 1
WORLD / Politics
Mar 21, 2024
EU leaders to discuss using profits from Russian assets to arm Ukraine
EU leaders have voiced alarm about the state of the war in recent weeks, with ammunition-starved Ukrainian forces struggling to hold back Russian troops.
 A cow is prepared for slaughter at a facility in Corbas, France.
Mar 20, 2024
Does religious freedom trump animal welfare?
The European Court of Human Rights found that protecting the welfare of animals is part of the legitimate government objective of protecting public morals.
The annual World Happiness Report, launched in 2012 to support the United Nations' sustainable development goals, is based on data from U.S. market research company Gallup, analyzed by a global team now led by the University of Oxford.
WORLD / Society
Mar 20, 2024
Gloomy youth pull U.S. and Western Europe down global happiness ranking
Japan was 51st in the annual rankings, ahead of South Korea at No. 52 and China at No. 60.
A man walks through the financial and business district of La Defense, near Paris, on March 13.
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 19, 2024
EU's new gig-worker rules could tame 'management by algorithm'
The opaque nature of algorithmic management tools can result in random job assignments and performance ratings, and even termination.
Awang Suang trims weeds from palm trees on his small plantation in Membakut, Malaysia on Feb. 12. He has been cultivating oil palms for more than 50 years after switching from rubber trees. Palms require less labor and produce more frequent harvests — roughly every two weeks, year round — providing a steadier income, he explained.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Mar 18, 2024
Can Europe save forests without killing jobs in Malaysia?
A new regulation aims to rid the palm oil supply chain of imports that come from former forestland.
French President Emmanuel Macron (left), German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (center) and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk join hands at a news conference at the Chancellery in Berlin on Friday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 16, 2024
France and Germany to build arms plant in Ukraine as stakes rise
The announcement will do little to address Ukraine’s most pressing need: getting Kyiv enough ammunition in the short term.
Investors been pouring money into promising AI startups, eager to uncover the next big thing after ChatGPT.
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 11, 2024
AI talent war heats up in Europe
The talent war means workers are increasingly well-placed to make demands of their prospective employers.
An amphibious assault demonstration with joint forces of the Swedish, Finnish, Italian and French army during the Nordic Response 24 military exercise on Sunday near Sorstraumen, above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Nordic Response 24 is part of the larger NATO exercise Steadfast Defender.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 12, 2024
In frozen north, a stronger NATO prepares for Russia's threat
NATO's four-month Steadfast Defender exercise in its Arctic fringe are part of the largest drills staged by the alliance since the Cold War.
Firefighters tackle a blaze near the village of Piedrafita in northern Spain's Asturias region on March 31.
ENVIRONMENT / Climate change
Mar 12, 2024
Europe must do more against 'catastrophic' climate risks, EU says
The risks are plenty and varied, including fires, water shortages, flooding, erosion and saltwater intrusion.
French President Emmanuel Macron greets Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Feb. 26.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 9, 2024
Macron and Scholz, never close, spar over policy toward Ukraine and Russia
A fraught relationship has recently turned bitter, with insults and barbs threatening European unity at a critical moment.
Swedish soldiers take part in the changing of the guard ceremony at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 8, 2024
Sweden’s NATO accession unlocks defense options to fend off Russia
Becoming a full member removes any ambiguity about whether the alliance would defend Sweden in the event of an attack, and vice versa.
A DITA howitzer-gun vehicle at an arms factory in Sternberk, Czech Republic
WORLD / Politics
Mar 7, 2024
As Russia advances, Europe extends reach to source ammunition for Ukraine
Supplies of ammunition to Ukraine have been interrupted by politics, with U.S. Congress holding up a $60 billion military aid package.


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