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Electric vehicle chargers at a BYD Co. factory in Chongqing, China, on Sept. 5
Sep 28, 2023
China shies away from row with EU over EV probe
Europeans have found President Xi Jinping’s government ready to talk, make promises and avoid aggressive rhetoric.
Members of the United Auto Workers pickett outside of the Michigan Parts Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, on Tuesday.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 27, 2023
Japanese automakers stand to gain from Detroit’s labor strike
Many firms receive a large percentage of their overall revenue from U.S. markets, so the labor action there may give a tailwind to Japanese carmakers.
French President Emmanuel Macron arrives at the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome on Tuesday.
Sep 27, 2023
Macron is pushing the EU into $900 billion fight with China
The bloc's new approach is being shaped by French concerns that Beijing’s trade practices have started to pose a critical threat to core industries.
Nissan Motor is planning to produce only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 26, 2023
Nissan to go all-electric in Europe by 2030 despite U.K. delay
Nissan plans to launch 27 electrified vehicles, including 19 fully electric cars, by 2030.
BYD's Dolphin electric car during a test drive in Yokohama
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 20, 2023
BYD takes aim at Japan's EV market with new Dolphin hatchback
The base model Dolphin starts from ¥3.63 million and is equipped with a 70 kilowatt hour battery that offers 400 kilometers of range.
Self-propelled electric vehicles move through the factory floor during a demonstration of its new assembly line technology at Toyota's Motomachi plant in the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, on Sept. 13.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 20, 2023
Toyota keeps up the push to prove it can embrace new technology
The carmaker was eager to show that it wasn’t about to sit idle as the global auto industry shifts toward electrification and automation.
China with its government subsidies has become a dominant player in the EV market, causing concern in Europe and the United States.
Sep 19, 2023
EV leadership means more than just sales figures
EV dominance matters because electric vehicles are the future.
A woman walks past a showroom for Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng in Beijing in February.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 16, 2023
Chinese EV makers pin hopes on Europe’s fading auto dealers
At the heart of their strategy is the traditional dealership model that European carmakers have been exiting in favor of direct sales.
A Solterra Subaru RZ450e electric vehicle is displayed during a Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association event on the sidelines of the Group of Seven leaders summit in Hiroshima in May.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 15, 2023
Subaru president close to deciding where to build EV plant in U.S.
While the current base of Indiana is a top candidate, the company is weighing locations based on the procurement of batteries and incentives from states.
Visitors inspect a BYD electric sedan at a motor show in Munich
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 14, 2023
Did Europe just start a trade war with China over electric cars?
The EU launched a probe into Beijing’s financial support for the EV industry amid fears that Chinese exports are putting auto jobs at risk.
Rachel Culin, a disenchanted Toyota owner, standing between her Toyota Prius and new Chevy Bolt at her home in Mesa, Arizona. The world’s largest carmaker dominates the sales of hybrid cars but has been slow to sell all-electric vehicles, alienating some customers and hurting sales.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 8, 2023
Toyota, a hybrid pioneer, struggles to master electric vehicles
The world’s largest carmaker dominates the sales of hybrid cars but has been slow to sell EVs, alienating some customers and hurting sales.
Wan Gang during the Munich Motor Show on Wednesday
Sep 7, 2023
China’s EV strategy architect sees future for hydrogen vehicles
Fuel-cell vehicles will be key especially in China’s northwest, where distances between cities are long and electric-car adoption remains low, he said.
Employees work on the assembly line at an electric vehicle plant in Shanghai. Cutting salaries is illegal in China, but complex pay structures offer loopholes.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 5, 2023
China's auto workers bear brunt of price war as fallout widens
Cutting salaries is illegal in China, but complex pay structures offer ways around this.
The VinFast logo during an event in Los Angeles in November 2022
BUSINESS / Markets
Aug 30, 2023
VinFast’s world-beating gain evokes memory of $400 billion crash
The last time a similar stock rose from relative obscurity to the one the world’s largest companies, it didn’t end well for investors.
A VinFast electric car is parked outside a showroom in Hanoi on Aug. 18.
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 29, 2023
EV maker VinFast now worth more than Goldman Sachs and Boeing
VinFast shares closed up 20% at $82.35 Monday, marking a blistering 688% since its market debut Aug. 15. It is currently worth about $190 billion.
A worker holds a piece of black mass — a mix of lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite — at the Li-Cycle lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Ontario in 2021.
Aug 29, 2023
Why the electric-vehicle industry is talking about ‘black mass’
The metallic powder is made by crushing and shredding batteries or battery cells, extracting unwanted elements, then refining the remainder.
Security personnel guard the BYD booth at the Auto Shanghai show in April 2023.
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 29, 2023
China's leading electric carmaker BYD triples half-year profit
This month the company became the first global manufacturer to pass the 5 million milestone in electric vehicle production.
Paris, where self-service electric scooters will be banned from Sept. 1, is about to join the few cities in the world that have opted for a ban, with many other municipalities opting for more or less strict restrictions.
WORLD / Society
Aug 29, 2023
Boon or blight? E-scooters around the world
While users hail them as eco-friendly ways to avoid gridlock, detractors consider them as an unsightly menace with the power to maim and kill.
A 2023 Toyota Prius. Hybrids have accounted for less than 10% of total U.S. sales, with Toyota’s long-running Prius among the most popular models.
Aug 28, 2023
Gas-electric hybrids get boost in the U.S. from Ford and others
Ford is the latest of several top automakers planning to build and sell hundreds of thousands of hybrid vehicles in the U.S. over the next five years.
A Mazda MX-30 at a dealership in the city of Hiroshima. The MX-30 is the only electric vehicle model Mazda currently sells in Japan.
BUSINESS / Companies / Regional Voices: Hiroshima
Aug 28, 2023
Mazda accelerates EV shift in China, reshaping ties with suppliers
Mazda’s sales in China in the year from April 2022 halved from the previous year to 84,000 units due to a thin lineup of EVs.


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