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Children play around the giant Squid King statue in the town of Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Feb. 27.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 13, 2024
Noto symbol 'Squid King' stands resolute amid quake devastation
Once criticized as "wasteful," the statue's steadfast presence has become a source of solace for local residents as they strive toward recovery.
Boxes of clothes at an evacuation center in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Saturday. Disasters have highlighted issues regarding the inadequate supply of essentials for women and children as well as the necessity for privacy in evacuation centers.
Mar 13, 2024
Gender gap persists in Japan's disaster response
Many local governments' disaster response frameworks still do not incorporate the perspectives of women.
The sun rises behind the "miracle pine" in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, on Monday, the 13th anniversary of the March 11, 2011, disasters.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 11, 2024
Japan marks 13 years since quake-tsunami triggered nuclear disaster
Recovery remains an uphill task with up to 29,000 people still displaced and many still reaching out for mental health support.
Yusuke Ishikawa, a 49-year-old coroner with  the Miyagi Prefectural Police, is working to identify six remains of victims of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami.
Mar 11, 2024
Police continue work to identify 3/11 disaster victims
Officials are alarmed by a decrease in opportunities for the police to obtain information that could lead to victims being identified.
Schoolchildren wearing padded hoods to protect themselves from falling debris take part in an earthquake simulation drill at an elementary school in Tokyo in August 2018.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 10, 2024
13 years after 3/11, Japan's readiness for complex disasters remains inadequate
The Noto Peninsula earthquake has highlighted gaps in Japan's preparedness for a complex disaster, experts warn.
Chef Harutomo Hagi's self-named restaurant in Iwaki was selected as the 2023 Japan Times Destination Restaurant of the Year.
LIFE / Food & Drink / Destination Restaurants
Mar 10, 2024
Hagi: French restaurant leads Fukushima revival
The Japan Times’ 2023 Restaurant of the Year is a sterling example of Fukushima’s slow and steady post-disaster revival.
Residents of Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, participate in a nuclear disaster drill at an evacuation facility in Kurihara on Jan. 20.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 9, 2024
Nuclear plant restart raises evacuation concerns in Miyagi
Residents near the Onagawa nuclear plant on Miyagi's Oshika Peninsula are concerned about whether they could evacuate swiftly if disaster strikes.
Homes destroyed in the New Year's Day earthquake line a road in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on March 3.
Mar 9, 2024
Reservations open for subsidized trips to areas hit by Noto quake
Tours to Niigata, Toyama and Fukui prefectures sold out on a host of websites soon after the start Friday, displaying robust demand for the campaign.
Any mix of the above foods that fit your dietary needs and preferences will make for filling and nutritious meals during an emergency.
LIFE / Lifestyle
Mar 9, 2024
Don’t let the next quake catch you (or your stomach) off guard
There’s a hidden threat in the days of limited power and bare grocery store shelves that follow a natural disaster: nutritional deficiencies.
California physician Mutsuo Ikuhara, son of late Dodgers executive Akihiro "Ike" Ikuhara, says he will "never forget" his time as a volunteer after the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.
Mar 8, 2024
Son of late Dodgers executive recalls life-changing 3/11 aid work in Japan
Ikuhara spent about three months on the ground with a nongovernmental organization helping to assess the destruction.
Located in Ehime Prefecture at the base of the Cape Sada Peninsula, the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant lies about 45 kilometers from the town of Saganoseki within the city of Oita.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 7, 2024
Court rejects class action suit opposing nuclear plant in Ehime
Local residents in Oita, less than 50 kilometers from the facility, had called into question the safety of the plant during natural disasters.
An Upper House budget committee session for questions and answers on the fiscal 2024 draft budget held Wednesday
BUSINESS / Economy
Mar 6, 2024
Japan's huge draft budget raises questions over fiscal accountability
The government allocates reserves and determines their use at Cabinet meetings, requiring only retroactive approval by parliament.
An earthquake measuring up to shindo 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale that hit southern Chiba Prefecture was among several that have shaken the area in recent days.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 5, 2024
Emergency goods sell out as quakes worry Chiba residents
Bottled water and portable toilets are among items that ran out of stock at some stores over the weekend.
Junior high school students from the inland town of Sumita, Iwate Prefecture, visit the Iwate Tsunami Memorial Museum in the city of Rikuzentakata in December.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 4, 2024
Educational tours aim to preserve memory of Tohoku quake
Efforts are being made to ensure lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake are passed on to future generations.
An anti-seismic reinforced building at the Keiju Medical Center in Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, suffered broken pipes and water leakage following a New Year's Day earthquake.
JAPAN / Society / Regional voices: Chubu
Mar 4, 2024
Hospitals in Japan slow to adopt seismic isolation in their buildings
Facilities severely hit by the New Year's Day quake have not been able to resume surgeries and other medical services.
An earthquake measuring a shindo 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale that hit southern Chiba Prefecture was among several that have shaken the area in recent days.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 3, 2024
Japan warns of more strong quakes as 'slow slip' phenomena hits Chiba
Three earthquakes measuring a shindo 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, as well as four measuring a shindo 3, have occurred since Thursday.
The figures on the potential loss of 28 nurses, or 21% of the total, emerged in Wajima Municipal Hospital's workforce planning for fiscal 2024.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Mar 2, 2024
Fifth of quake-hit Japan area hospital's nurses may quit amid crisis
Hospital officials said that even before the quake, the area struggled to recruit staff amid an aging population.
Residents of Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, take part in an evacuation drill in March 2021.
JAPAN / Society
Mar 1, 2024
More than decade after 2011 quake, Japan still slow to compile evacuation plans
The nation has failed to make progress in crafting plans to help evacuate elderly people and people with disabilities in the event of natural disasters.
A Meteorological Agency map shows the location and intensity of an earthquake that struck off the coast of Chiba Prefecture early Friday morning.
Mar 1, 2024
Series of quakes shake Chiba, with authorities calling for caution
More than 10 tremors registering 1 to 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale have occurred since Tuesday.
Evacuees inside a gymnasium at a junior high school in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Thursday
JAPAN / Society
Mar 1, 2024
Two months on from Noto quake, 11,400 evacuees still in shelters
As of Thursday, the quake had resulted in the deaths of 241 people, 15 of whom died of indirect causes.


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