Amazon to launch new manga e-book reader for Japanese market

Oct 19, 2016

Amazon to launch new manga e-book reader for Japanese market


E-commerce giant Amazon is launching Friday an e-book reader exclusively designed for Japanese manga aficionados, which is sure to disappoint fans of the comic genre overseas. The new device's high-resolution display, larger storage capacity, and faster page-turning abilities make the device "the best Kindle that ...

Jan 3, 2015

New copyright protections, risks

It is hoped that the revision to Japan's Copyright Law, which took effect this year, will help bring healthy development of digital publication, while affording new protections for publishers and authors.

Aug 11, 2014

Amazon stops some Disney movie pre-orders, WSJ reports

Pre-orders of some Disney movies have been halted by, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, in what appears to be another contract dispute after the online giant began a protracted spat with publisher Hachette Book Group this year. Physical copies of titles such as ...

Jul 17, 2014

Apple may refund $400 million in digital book settlement

Apple will refund up to $400 million to consumers ensnared in a plot to raise the prices of digital books unless the company gets a court to overturn a decision affirming its pivotal role in the collusion. The settlement bill emerged in a Wednesday court ...