| Aug 27, 2016

Bears encroach on blurred human boundaries


It is puzzling that the black bears have become aggressive recently, given their previous inclination to retreat when confronted by humans. My theory is that winters are shorter and that means shorter hibernations and more active time spent consuming dwindling supplies of food. They ...

Aug 4, 2014

Bear breaks out of trap, attacks man in Nagano orchard

A wild bear that had just escaped from a trap attacked an elderly man in an apple orchard in the city of Nagano, seriously injuring him, police said. Toyoaki Kamisawa, 71, who lives near the orchard in the Wakahoshina district, received injuries to his head ...

People said too close to Hokkaido park's bears

Oct 21, 2013

People said too close to Hokkaido park's bears

A wildlife conservation group in Shiretoko, Hokkaido, has launched a campaign to improve the behavior of tourists and photographers near the Iwaobetsu River in Shari, near Abashiri, as they swarm the area to get a closer look at its brown bears. The Shiretoko Nature Foundation, ...