No. 7 maegashira Takayasu and No. 16 Atamifuji remained in the lead Sunday after eight days at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament as all three ozeki suffered defeats.

Takayasu (7-1) overcame a tough challenge from fellow former ozeki and No. 11 Mitakeumi (5-3) in a long, heated match, moving within a victory of securing a winning record in the 15-day meet at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Heavy pushes from both wrestlers were followed by a brief standstill in the middle of the raised ring before Mitakeumi attempted to grab Takayasu's left leg. But Takayasu backed off slightly to foil that ploy before slapping Mitakeumi down to the clay.

Atamifuji (7-1) received plenty of shoves to his face from Aoiyama (2-6) but kept edging forward and pushed out the Bulgarian No. 14 to keep pace.

Demotion-threatened kadoban ozeki Takakeisho (5-3) lost to Tobizaru (5-3) for the fifth straight time. The pair traded countless shoves while ducking attacks in an exciting encounter. A failed pull-down attempt left Takakeisho vulnerable, allowing the komusubi to shove him out.

Another kadoban ozeki, Kirishima (5-3), also paid the price for an ill-timed pull-down attempt before being emphatically thrust out by No. 4 Takanosho (4-4). The rank-and-filer has now won nine of their 10 meetings in sumo's elite makuuchi division.

Hoshoryu (3-5) made a half-baked start against diminutive trickster Ura (5-3). The No. 4 maegashira's low opening drive pushed the new ozeki to the edge before the nephew of former yokozuna Asashoryu was slapped down to the clay.

Sekiwake Wakamotoharu (6-2) was on the back foot against winless Tamawashi (0-8) but a slap down was enough to secure his sixth straight win, handing the veteran No. 3 a losing record in the process.

No. 5 Gonoyama, No. 13 Myogiryu and No. 16 Tsurugisho all won and joined Wakamotoharu at 6-2.