Japanese 12-year-old Ginwoo Onodera became the youngest male medalist ever at a street skateboarding world championships when he won bronze on Sunday.

Debutant Onodera, who won Saturday's semifinal, scored 263.04 points in the final to finish 6.29 points behind French winner Aurelien Giraud. Portugal's Gustavo Ribeiro finished second with 267.38 points.

After failing on his first run, Onodera got back on track with a mistake-free second in which the youngster landed a 540.

"I went into it determined to nail all my tricks," Onodera said of his second run. "I said 'yes' in my head after really pulling it off."

The Yokohama native was the only podium finisher to land three of five best trick attempts. Giraud and Ribeiro's two successful trick attempts were enough to put them ahead of Onodera.

"I'm happy to have come third," said Onodera, who became Japan's youngest national champion last year.

Japan's other finalist, Sora Shirai, finished last of the eight participants.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Momiji Nishiya, 15, secured bronze in the women's competition after tallying 253.30 points.

Rayssa Leal of Brazil, who is also 15, won with 255.58 points and 12-year-old Chloe Covell of Australia edged Nishiya to second by 0.21 points.

Rizu Akama, who topped the semifinal, finished fourth and Olympic bronze medalist Funa Nakayama was fifth.

"I came third but couldn't complete the tricks I wanted to," Nishiya said. "It's frustrating. I'll try to do tricks that no one else can do at actual competitions."