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Russia officials say doping cover-up report is part of 'information war'


Russian authorities said on Monday that they were victims of an “information war” following reports in British newspapers that sparked the investigation of high-jump world championship runner up Danil Lysenko.

Lysenko was provisionally suspended last August on the eve of the European Championships in Berlin, after failing to make himself available for out-of-competition drug testing.

According to The Sunday Times, Russian Athletics Federation officials fabricated documents to show the 2017 world silver medalist was too ill to provide his whereabouts.

The newspaper claimed these documents came from fake doctors working at a bogus clinic in Moscow.

“The address used is a real address where there is a demolished building,” said a source with knowledge of the investigation in Russia.

Russian Athletics Federation spokeswoman Natalia Yukhareva denounced an “information war,” which, she said was “not only related to athletics.”

“The Sunday Times article is indulging in wishful thinking,” Yukhareva said.

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