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Takanashi wins summer Grand Prix meet


Sara Takanashi won the women’s ski jumping summer Grand Prix competition Saturday, making up for the disappointment of being disqualified for not weighing enough relative to her ski length in the previous day’s event.

Takanashi sat in second place behind fellow Japanese Yuki Ito after her first jump of 97.5 meters but came from behind for the win with the day’s longest 102-meter flight in the second run for a total of 242.6 points. Ito finished third, behind Norway’s Maren Lundby.

“I’m just filled with joy,” said Takanashi, who claimed her first victory after three individual Grand Prix events. “My regrets from yesterday drove me to come into this competition with the thought of paying back double.”

The 20-year-old, who has won the summer Grand Prix’s overall individual title five straight times through last winter, was disqualified in Saturday’s qualification round after apparently having lost weight due to dehydration from the heat.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” said the Hokkaido native, who turned her frustration toward herself into motivation and had a training session while Friday’s competition went on without her.

Takanashi, who finished second in the season’s first event last week in France, said it was the first time she was ever disqualified in a Grand Prix or World Cup event.

Ito, the winner of Friday’s contest, topped the first round Saturday with a 100-meter jump on the 106-meter hill, but could manage only 96.5 meters on her second attempt to score 231.6 points. Runner-up Lundby leapt 96 and 98 meters for 232.4 points.

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