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ARFU boss defends rainout decision


President of the Asian Rugby Football Union Trevor Gregory said Sunday the decision to abandon Saturday’s game between Japan and Hong Kong was “absolutely the right choice given the conditions.”

Torrential rain and flooding left areas of the field at Aberdeen Sports Ground looking like a lake and Gregory said it clearly put the players’ welfare in danger.

The decision meant Japan, which had already clinched the Asia Rugby Championship, failed to pick up a bonus point win for the first time in 32 games with the game declared a draw according to tournament rules, allowing Hong Kong to finish second in the rankings ahead of South Korea.

“We were clearly hopeful there would be a break in the weather as happened during the women’s game earlier. It was slippery then, but there was no risk of players swallowing water, drowning or getting seriously injured,” said Gregory. “But the rain just intensified and the drainage around the stadium simply couldn’t cope.”