Harumafuji wins sumo exhibition in Jakarta


Yokozuna Harumafuji won a two-day exhibition sumo tournament in Jakarta, the sport’s first-ever showcase in Southeast Asia.

Harumafuji deployed an overarm throw to beat ozeki Kakuryu in the semifinals before disposing of rival yokozuna Hakuho with a frontal force-out in the final at the indoor facility, Istora Senayan Sports Center. He defeated ozeki Kisenosato, who took the honors on Saturday, with a shove out maneuver in a playoff to decide the overall champion.

Aside from the action in the first overseas tour in five years, the wrestlers from the elite makuuchi division took part in mock sparring with Indonesian children and took commemorative photos as part of their promotion activities during the two-day exhibition. The sumo delegation will return to Japan on Tuesday.

“Thank you very much. Let’s meet again,” Hakuho said in Indonesian at the closing ceremony.