Ando eager to compete again


Former world champion Miki Ando said Thursday she wants to return to competition next season as she prepares to take part in her first exhibition ice show in nine months in Tokyo this weekend.

“I want to compete as a skater,” Ando said at a news conference ahead of the two-day exhibition at Yoyogi National Stadium beginning Saturday.

Ando did not compete this past season, having been without a coach since breaking up with Nikolai Morozov after winning the 2011 world championships.

Her last competitive appearance was at the 2011 Japan Open.

Ando will be skating a routine that does not include any jumps at the exhibition.

“For various reasons I have been away from the rink,” said the 25-year-old. “I have put in the practice for this show, but technically I am not up to scratch so that was a bit of a concern.

But she added, “My appetite for skating is bigger than it was.”