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Hakuho manhandled upset-minded Myogiryu while fellow yokozuna Harumafuji got back on track after the previous day’s defeat, albeit a jittery win over Kitataiki on the third day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday.

Hakuho leads a pack of 10 wrestlers in the early lead at 3-0 at the 15-day meet.

He was in no mood for games as he quickly got into position for a firm frontal forceout after fiercely unleashing a thrusting attack before giving his opponent one final shove that sent him down into the ringside seats at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Myogiryu (1-2), who has beaten Hakuho only once before at the New Year Basho, failed in a bid for his third kinboshi after defeating Harumafuji on Monday. The top-ranked maegashira is 1-7 for his career against the yokozuna.

In the penultimate bout, Harumafuji (2-1) let winless Kitataiki drive him to the edge twice before regaining control and dispensing with his opponent with a left-handed overarm throw.

On Monday, Harumafuji suffered his fifth career defeat to a maegashira since debuting at sumo’s highest rank four tournaments ago — a scene an exasperated crowd appeared to have grown all too used to, by show of the few zabuton cushions that flew listlessly around the arena following the bout.

Kisenosato got his left hand on the back of Okinoumi’s mawashi before condemning the newly promoted komusubi to a third loss.

Relegation-threatened Kotooshu dragged down winless Takarafuji by the back of the mawashi after a burst of shoves, moving a step closer to notching the eight wins he needs to retain his ozeki status.

Kotoshogiku made it a perfect day for the second-highest rank when he bulldozed winless Aminishiki in a matter of seconds.

Also in the upper echelons, sekiwake Goeido (2-1) sent komusubi Tochiozan (0-3) sprawling after deploying a headlock throw.

But Estonian sekiwake Baruto fell victim to Kakuryu for a first loss after his ozeki opponent maneuvered him to the edge, escorting him out when he attempted to change grips.


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