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Dining Ferio (RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo)


Dining Ferio, on the first floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo, is offering a summer family buffet.

The buffet is offered on weekends and holidays from July 4 to Aug. 30 (except for Aug. 8 and 9 and from the 13 through the 16) for families to enjoy during the summer holidays.

The menu is perfect to satisfy diners’ appetites in the middle of the hot summer, with items such as meat and seafood dishes finished in a medley of spices, including curry-flavored chicken quiche, marinated eggplant with garlic and marinated sea bass. Additionally, the kitchen offers sizzling roast beef.

The summer family buffet is available for two hours for ¥4,800 for adults, ¥4,500 for seniors aged 65 or older and ¥3,000 for elementary school children.

An o-Bon family buffet is available on Aug. 8 and 9 and from the 13 through the 16 at a higher price. Mention this ad when reserving to receive a complimentary drink.