To the English-speaking community of Tokyo,

Every month, AICPO — the Association of International Community Providers Organizations — meets in Tokyo, as it has for nearly 25 years, bringing together the various embassies, medical and mental health groups and other organizations who care for the welfare of the international community. Recently, we discussed the demise of the community as it once was.

When I was a kid growing up in Tokyo there was a vibrant international community centered around our beloved Tokyo American Club. I have many fond memories of curling up with a book in the library, working out daily with the "morning gang" and serving on committees to help the TAC's members. The other pillar of the international community was the Foreign Correspondents' Club, where we thought all the "highbrow" journalists hung out. Both always served as an unapologetic "home away from home" for the international community, with a membership and atmosphere to match.