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Cam On Pho


Review excerpt: You don’t actually sit on the curbside to eat at Cam On Pho, but the setting doesn’t feel a million miles away from a Hanoi street stall, either. The decor is strictly no frills. There are cartons of Saigon’s favorite 333 beer stacked up around the kitchen. And the staff — all of whom are from Vietnam — wear matching canary-yellow T-shirts emblazoned with their national flag, as if working for some state-run noodle shop. The pho are nice and fragrant, and the hot, spicy beef bun bo hue noodles are rich and revivifying. The fresh goi cuon (spring rolls) are light and tasty — and preferable to the deep-fried spring rolls. And the pork pate in the banh mi sandwiches is excellent.

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