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Trader Vic's (Hotel New Otani Tokyo)


Trader Vic’s on the fourth floor of the Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower promises to satisfy diners’ cravings for its U.S. prime beef T-bone steak, one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

The gorgeous 800-gram steak, marinated in soy sauce and ginger, slowly cooked in Trader Vic’s’ original Chinese wood-fired oven, will surely whet guests’ appetites. Priced from ¥18,000 (tax and service charge excluded), the combination of a juicy strip steak and soft lean tenderloin can be shared by a group.

Visitors to the international cuisine restaurant may want to try another item, the U.S. rib-eye steak for ¥9,000 (tax and service charge excluded), with each bite bringing out the sweet flavor of corn-fed Black Angus beef.

These items were introduced by Karim Belgnaoui, the general manager of Trader Vic’s Tokyo, who wishes to serve his guests the best of U.S. beef prepared in a Chinese oven.

The restaurant also serves exotic cuisine from all over the world in a tropical island atmosphere, decorated with artifacts from Polynesia, including such places as Tonga and Papua New Guinea.

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