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Despite offering only two types of soba there is a lot on offer, both from the set menus and the a la carte menu, which features nonsoba treats such as ayu kanroni (sweetened boiled sweet fish), hotaru-ika okizuke (firefly squid pickled in vinegar, sake and soy sauce) as well as staples such as dashimaki-tamago (rolled omelet). I recommend Takama’s take on yaki-miso, which combines grated leeks and buckwheat seeds with miso paste on a wooden ladle. I also tried the tofu no misozuke (¥520), tofu that has been pickled in miso for six months imbuing it with a pungent kick — it most definitely gives tofu a new character, the result resembles crumbly and moist Wensleydale cheese. This tofu transformation can be an acquired taste, so it’s worth having a beer or a cup of tea on hand.

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