Mega Web


As Toyota's very own car theme park, Mega Web offers visitors the opportunity to try out new vehicles, while finding out a bit more about what is currently the largest automaker in the world.

The Toyota City Showcase zone displays 60 of the latest Toyota cars, including new hybrid versions, plus a 1.3-km driving course where you can test drive any model — provided you have an international or Japanese driving license. Failing that, you could visit the Waku-Doki zone and try zipping through a simulated race track, or join the kids at the Ride Studio, which has a 230-meter course and mini cars that don't require driving experience. Even infants can get their hands on the wheel at Ride Studio's special Petit Ride One course.

If you're not a huge Toyota fan, the History Garage zone is still a car-fanatics dream, housing a historic car collection of 1950s to 1970s models, an observation space where you can watch a mechanic restoring classic vehicles, a go-kart course, exhibition area, cafe, and shelves of car-related books and models.
Various events are also held at the space, check the website for more details.

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