The name for a horrible practice

Cesar Chelala’s July 29 article, “Safe alternative rites to female circumcision,” was well written and interesting. I would like to comment on the headline, though.

While the article talks about mutilation, the headline uses the less drastic word circumcision. The association for a less informed reader might be that the intervention in question is something similar.

But let’s be clear: While male circumcision removes a piece of skin — which hurts and hinders the function of the foreskin — female genital mutilation involves procedures such as cutting away labia and the clitoris, and stitching up the vulva. That removes a whole operative unit of the female apparatus to experience sexual pleasure.

Infections at the time of the mutilation, later, and after childbirth are horrendous. This makes it a completely different ball game from “circumcision.”

The sufferers of these horrible practices deserve the respect to have them called by the right name. I think Japan Times readers would benefit from it. Thanks for your consideration in covering this important topic.

wiebke hirose
clayton, australia

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  • TLCTugger

    Female genital cutting is MUCH WORSE than male genital cutting WHEN IT IS. But even a pin-poke to draw a ceremonial drop of blood is illegal for 94% of the world’s females. No males are protected from haphazard amputations. The most prevelant form of FGM (common throughout Indonensia and Malaysia) affects her hood only and is therefore either exactly analogous to or less drastic than male circumcision.

  • FrederickRhodes

    Don’t be sexist and ignorant. The exterior parts of both sexes reproductive organs are called prepuces and are neurologically structured to cause and send sexual arousal signals to the reproductive parts of our brains when physically stimulated. Prepuce excisions on both sexes, in whole or part, are used to control sexual functionings for population control.