‘Arrogant’ China as a role model

The front-page Nov. 26 article “Tokyo cries foul over defense zone” quotes China as saying that aircraft entering its recently established air defense identification zone (ADIZ) must obey its rules of identification and so forth, or face “defensive emergency measures.”

Of course, Japan won’t recognize the new Chinese claim.Common sense suggests that China should apologize for coming late to the global stage in this way.

But China is not polite, it is arrogant. Lately whenever an important Chinese official appears on TV, I’m sorry to say that I see only a clown performing in a poor comedy.

In military uniform, China declares an ADIZ against Japan, neglecting other countries. In its political uniform, China says, “We must do what is just and lawful, for we are peaceful.”

What’s going on?

Why does China treat its own people so cruelly? China has many things to do for its people. Taiwan is a small country, yet it is a role model for people living in Asia. What is China under President Xi Jinping? We implore China to become a role model for Asia.

noriko fujita
ako, hyogo

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  • takasar1

    you’re right, but honestly, i dont think they care about international support since they got what they wanted. 53 airlines from 19 countries began complying with their regulations within 2 weeks of the announcement. also, you seem to have an outdated view of chinese people, the average cosmopolitan chinese person living in beijing or shanghai is as up-to-date with the world as his western or SEA counterpart. ccp censorship is very ineffective.