• Isumi, Chiba


The Feb. 26 Jiji article “LDP wants emergencies provision in Constitution” was not reassuring. Whatever the mumbled excuses in the introduction, the final four paragraphs were a give away to where the Liberal Democratic Party and LDP lawmaker Gen Nakatani’s panel are really headed.

With provisions to ease through a state of emergency, make amendments to Article 9 of the Constitution on the nod, give an elevated role to the military, introduce military courts and a political role for the Emperor, and decree respect for the national anthem and the Japanese flag, can it really be just natural disasters they have in mind?

Natural disasters are not new to Japan and have generally been dealt with in the past when fewer resources were available without recourse to martial law. Why now? Perhaps they know something that we don’t. Back to the 1930s anyone?

Perhaps Nagatacho has not entirely bought into its own line that, with cold shutdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant achieved by fiat and with “decontamination” proceeding apace, all is now rosy up north and around the capital — provided one keeps on smiling. Are they perhaps providing themselves with some tools for when, a few years down the road, the cheerful grins begin to crack. It’s just a thought.

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rea williams

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