Maybe my ethical clock is way behind the times, because I can’t imagine why disallowing cell phones in test venues or, for that matter, any type of electronic device, unless specifically required to take the test, would be difficult to enforce. The test room is a controlled environment that should not be compromised on the premise that one has the right to a cell phone. That is just idiocy and begs any cheat to do just that, cheat.

When you go into a test room, you go in with your writing implements and maybe a drink, but certainly not with backpacks, cell phones, iPads, etc. If universities are so shocked about this latest discredit to the academic system, they need only look to themselves for the cause.

Wake up, Deans. You control your campuses and make the rules. If prospective students want to test and enroll, then it is your duty to ensure that everyone has the same chances at examination time. Don’t allow academic cheats to get the upper hand and spoil it for those students who truly desire a higher education and will obtain it the right way.

david barton

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