Akihabara residents should not worry about what happened Sunday afternoon. These things happen in all countries, including mine, America and Europe. In my country, hungry poor people still abound, yet they don’t despair of hope that the coming days will be favorable. I believe that the man who ran amok with a knife is the only Japanese of his kind.

When I left Tokyo in May after an 11-day stay, I envied the Japanese way of life. Honor, respect and discipline seem to be the daily creed. How I wish all citizens of the world would learn from Japan. My condolences to the families of those who died Sunday. To the man who ran amok, I would say that millions in the world hunger for love and peace, yet they persevere a day longer, for life is precious and has meaning.

When I have the resources, I wish to visit Japan again, and go to Akihabara.

albert lim