I have been following recent incidents regarding whaling protesters. I have also read the information regarding the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources with specific note of the role that whales play in the marine ecosystem.

It strikes me as totally contrary to its mission to let Japan kill 1,000 whales in the name of “conservation.” The very concept of killing what you are purportedly trying to conserve is, in my opinion, riddled with ambiguity and disinformation. A hidden agenda quickly comes to mind. The world’s oceans are already so depleted that they may be already beyond recovery and killing more to “save” them is absurd.

Once Japan stops killing everything in the oceans and depleting fishing stocks, and we also stop polluting our amazing food source, nature will repair itself and recover without the meddling of humans. It has been doing just fine for millions of years without our input or tinkering.

More humans and smaller marine stocks will eventually force mankind to learn to chew on more carrots. Humans need to accept the fact that, even as the dominant species on Earth, we will never rule over the forces of nature. The planet will still be here millions of years after humans become just another of the extinct life-forms. There is no requirement for us to speed up the process.

buzzy smith