I got divorced recently and have two Japanese children. However, I am British. Therefore, I applied for any type of visa that would give me rights to work and support my children and ex-partner. My ex-partner wrote a letter stating I always provide financial support and that I can see my children whenever I like. Of course, in the United Kingdom, my Japanese partner after divorce would have full British rights, entitled to free health care, free education for the children, eligibility to vote in elections, and a pension if she stayed in the United Kingdom.

In Japan, I am told that I have no right to work in Japan, I should not want to see my children, and that if I do not leave Japan by an agreed date I will be deported. Yes, foreigners are nothing more than “trash” or “expendable” humans in Japan. Citizenship or equal rights? No way! In the U.K. after two years of marriage you are always British. In Japan, after 30 years of marriage and then divorce, you will be deported.

So now I have to struggle to just support my children in Japan without any visa rights. And what about when I am old, what protection will I have to be near my children in Japan?

name withheld by request

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