A car crashed through a barricade and into a fence near the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo on Thursday morning, with a suspect arrested on the scene and one police officer injured.

The car reportedly broke through a temporary barricade set up at an intersection leading to the road accessing the embassy, before crashing into a fence along a sidewalk.

A riot police officer in his 20s, who was on guard at the site, is said to have sustained a fractured finger.

The crash occurred just before 11 a.m. at an intersection roughly 60 meters from the entrance of the embassy. There were no passengers in the vehicle.

The driver, Shinobu Sekiguchi, 53, was arrested for alleged obstruction of official duties. Investigative sources said he is a member of a right-wing group.

According to the police, Seguchi admitted fault and said he “felt sorry” for having injured the police officer.

As it neared 2 p.m., dozens of police officers were still on the scene, investigating and directing traffic at the intersection.

The vehicle, a black minicar, appeared to have damage on its front, right-hand side, above its tire.

The intersection and the area outside of the embassy have been the site of protests since the start of the Israel-Hamas war last month, leading the Metropolitan Police Department to step up security in the area.

Information from Kyodo, Jiji added.