The International Olympic Committee's decision to postpone selection of the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics host represents another setback in Sapporo's quest for the Games, as an ongoing series of Tokyo Olympics-related scandals continues to weigh on local support for the bid.

Last week's decision, delaying selection to 2024 from the previously planned timeline of fall 2023, comes as backers of the Sapporo bid were already worried about the impact of widening Tokyo Olympics-related bribery scandals on public support. The IOC’s announcement could further complicate the city’s chances as those for and against the bid face off next year — especially in April’s local elections.

The IOC said the decision was made due to concern over climate change and the need to conduct further studies on the long-term impacts of global warming on future Winter Olympics bid cities. But supporters of the Sapporo 2030 bid fear that the postponement will further erode public support, which a city survey earlier this year — before the scandals erupted — found to be between 52% and 65%, depending on the survey method.