As a sexual harassment scandal involving actor Teruyuki Kagawa continues to create controversy, popular YouTuber Hiroyuki Nishimura has said that women who work at bars as hostesses receive high pay in exchange for tolerating sexual violence, triggering harsh criticism.

“They are, to a certain extent, receiving money for offering sexual” services, Nishimura said in a YouTube video Saturday. “That’s what hostess bars are.”

Last week, Kagawa apologized over a report in a weekly magazine that he groped a hostess’ breasts, took off her bra and passed it around to colleagues in 2019. The hostess had filed a civil lawsuit against the bar owner for failing to stop the incident, but she later withdrew the case and the victim and Kagawa settled outside of court. None of Kagawa's sponsors or the TV programs he appears on have terminated their relationship with him so far.