In an extraordinary news conference 14 months in the making, Carlos Ghosn lambasted Nissan Motor Co. executives, Japanese prosecutors and the nation's justice system in what was a watershed moment for a corporate crime drama that has made global headlines and stirred talks of a Hollywood production.

By fleeing to Lebanon and thus freeing himself from the legal risks that would have come from speaking to the media in Japan, the former Nissan chairman was granted his long-held wish to provide his own account in his own words. He made full use of the opportunity — speaking for an hour before answering questions from reporters — and covered topics including harrowing accounts of his detention, while also outing Nissan executives that he says had a role in bringing him down.

While international media has focused much of its coverage on criticisms of the Japanese criminal justice system, domestic media outlets have been more critical of Ghosn violating bail conditions and leaving the country without facing trial.