The Apa Group finds itself once again facing international criticism, this time for anti-Semitic comments made in a magazine distributed to five group-owned hotels in Canada, including an additional one that is leased.

In the February edition of the group's magazine Apple Town, provided to guests at Canada's Coast Hotels, Apa Hotels founder Toshio Motoya is quoted as saying: "Jewish people control American information, finance, and laws, and they benefit greatly from globalization because they move their massive profits to tax havens so they don't have to pay any taxes. Many Jewish people support the Democratic Party."

The real estate entrepreneur made the comments in an article bearing the subtitle: "An American counteroffensive against Jewish globalism." This was part of an interview under the broader title of "Trump's Presidency is an Opportunity for Constitutional Reform," focused on the election of U.S. president Donald Trump and what it means for Japan.