During the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Lexus held a talk to introduce how Lexus excites the senses with carefully designed sound and color, featuring relevant experts.

The sound that drivers hear inside Lexus vehicles does not only come from the engine. Based on human perception mechanism, the original Active Sound Control (ASC) technology is able to add artificially designed sounds to fuse it with the acoustic engine sounds.

The ASC makes the pitch of the engine sound clearer and changes the composition of overtones to make the pitch jump up dynamically like castrato singer with a three-octave ranges. The designed sounds are relayed over the additional speakers installed inside the car, which enables drivers perceive the location of sound sources more distinctly and their driving actions are represented clearly as sounds.

While making best use of the engine acoustics, such designed sound will further make drivers feel the joy of driving.

As for the color design, original beauty has been pursued with Japanese viewpoints and technologies based on Lexus' philosophy to combine the cutting-edge and finesse.

For example, "Sonic Titanium" features mysterious colors that show up in darker places such as the cloudy Sea of Japan coast.

Lexus pursues how the Japanese aesthetic is expressed as color and how to develop it as a global value.

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