Tokyo was among cities worldwide that took part in a global event to unveil new Star Wars goods Thursday.

Prior to the release in December of the latest big-screen episode, “The Force Awakens,” Disney held a marathon 18-hour live streaming program on YouTube in which new items related to the popular sci-fi movie were unboxed in 15 cities in 12 countries.

Tokyo’s portion of the live stream lasted roughly 10 minutes and kicked off at 11:00 a.m., during which three products were introduced.

Stormtrooper figures and new character Kylo Ren figures, both of which stand 79 cm tall, will hit store shelves Friday for ¥9,000 apiece, while a 122-cm Stormtrooper figure will go on sale in November, priced at ¥19,800.

In Japan, hundreds of other new Star Wars goods are scheduled to be launched on Friday.


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