Japan’s Muslims dismiss Islamic State as un-Islamic


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Muslim residents of Japan on Sunday expressed their condolences for the murder of journalist Kenji Goto and said they were angry about the Islamic State group’s actions.

“We are very, very sorry about this bad news and I am telling the Japanese people that we are very, very sorry,” said Mohamad H. Loghmani, a 44-year-old Iranian resident of Tokyo.

He said the Islamic State group has non-Islamic aims: a hunger for money, power and blood. He said he does not consider its fighters to be Muslims.

“I am telling the Japanese people that Muslim people in the world . . . like Japanese people because they are kind and friendly people,” he said. Loghmani was speaking at a charity bazaar at the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Tokyo on Sunday to raise funds for victims of natural disasters in Iran.

Another visitor to the bazaar was Iranian Nader Mansouri, 52. He, too, was disgusted by the actions of the Islamic State extremists.

“I don’t recognize them as Muslims; I don’t even recognize them as humans,” Mansouri said.

He said he despises the way the extremists threaten others and suggested that if they are so sure of themselves they should ditch their masks and anonymity.

The Islamic State group released a video on the Internet Sunday of Goto’s apparent execution that appeared to show his headless body.

After spending decades covering the Middle East, Goto was captured in Syria while trying to negotiate the release of his friend and fellow hostage Haruna Yukawa.

Japanese Muslim Shigeru Shimoyama, 65, said by phone that he had been praying for Goto’s release every day with fellow Muslims.

“This is truly unfortunate,” Shimoyama said.

He said Goto’s reporting had focused on critical social issues, such as poverty and civil strife, in the places like the Middle East and Africa. He said people worldwide must think seriously about solving such problems in order to pass on what Goto was trying to convey.

He also said people need to develop a greater appreciation of different cultures so such a tragedy will not be repeated.

“There are prejudices and misunderstandings about the Muslim religion. Those things could lead to the next crisis.”

Full coverage of the Islamic State hostage crisis

  • Douglas

    This is known as Taqiyya.

    • siam

      You’re disusting. I am a muslim, and I’m truly horrified by all these murders, and I’m ashamed that I have to justify this. The muslims interviewed here are not lying, as you’re implying it with your use of the word “Taqiyya”. But if that helps you sleeping better at night, so be it. Just know that you’re a part of the hate cycle.

      • rancor01

        It seems that your “religion of peace” is a predominant cause of the hate cycle. You know what happened to the nazis (christians) when they started putting Jews in ovens? We (fellow christians) made them pay dearly, and sent out our own people to fight and die against them. What happens when muslims kill christians, jews, buddhists, hindus, sikhs, etc? Much hand wringing, finger pointing, and disgust from afar (Taqiyya). Respect to the Peshmerga, but the rest of you aren’t doing a damn thing. You should be sending your sons and daughters to fight this menace known as ISIL. This is YOUR fight.

      • Hitokiri 1989

        Those who dun know Any Arabic or studied Islam shouldn’t really be commenting on words like Taqiya. You dun even know the meaning. Also Iran, Hezbollah and Assad have been fighting Is from day one. It was the US and it’s allies that armed takfiri groups like IS.because they opposed Iran.

      • z-west

        Rinse and repeat..

        It’s easy to blame the Great Satan for islam’s failure as a modern and civil culture.

        And stop humping goats. It’s wrong.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Yeah, not sure they are aware of this, but ISIS is actually in war with other Islamic countries, and most of the people they have killed are Muslims.

        Hell, even Al-Qaeda cut all links with the.

      • rancor01

        That excuse works for most anything – you seem to be uneducated in the history or use of proper English, therefore your argument in invalid.

      • ⱧÅⱧÅ ḶỎḶ (╭☞⁰

        The leader of ISIS, ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi, holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Al Azhar University, Cairo. If those folks say that torture, rape, and beheadings are all legitimate in Islam, I’ll believe them rather than you.

      • z-west

        muslim males are cowards.

      • rancor01

        not only that, but they smell terrible.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Wow, first time I heard that the Ally forces were all Christians.
        I thought there was even an Indian Army that fought in WWII, which probably most of them were not Christians.

        Also, I like how you refer to “We” as if your country was all Christian. As far as I know there is no Christian theocracy anywhere outside of the Vatican, I guess I’m wrong also about that.

        Also… not really sure, but this is a Japanese news site, based on japan, talking about japan… As far as I knew here most people aren’t Christians… weird…

      • NankingChina

        What’s the problem with beheadings, the Japanese are very good at it. The contest to kill 100 people using a sword (百人斬り競争 hyakunin-giri kyōsō?) is a wartime account of a contest between two Japanese Army officers during the Japanese invasion of China over who could first kill 100 people with a sword. The two officers were later executed on war crimes charges for their involvement.[1] Since that time, the historicity of the event has been hotly contested, often by Japanese nationalists or revisionist historians seeking to invalidate the historiography of the Nanking Massacre.[2] We’d face an enemy trench that we’d captured, and when we called out, ‘Ni, Lai-Lai!’ (You, come on!), the Chinese soldiers were so stupid, they’d rush toward us all at once. Then we’d line them up and cut them down, from one end of the line to the other. I was praised for having killed a hundred people, but actually, almost all of them were killed in this way. The two of us did have a contest, but afterward, I was often asked whether it was a big deal, and I said it was no big deal…[7]

        Katsuichi Honda placed the account of the killing contest in the context of its effect on Imperial Japanese forces in China. In one instance, Honda notes Japanese veteran Shintaro Uno’s autobiographical description of the effect on his sword of consecutively beheading nine prisoners.[11] Uno compares his experiences with those of the two lieutenants from the killing contest.[11] Although he had believed the inspirational tales of hand-to-hand combat in his youth, after his own experience in the war he came to believe the killings were more likely executions.[11] Shintaro adds,

        Whatever you say, it’s silly to argue about whether it happened this way or that way when the situation is clear. There were hundreds and thousands of [soldiers like Mukai and Noda], including me, during those fifty years of war between Japan and China. At any rate, it was nothing more than a commonplace occurrence during the so-called Chinese Disturbance.[11]

      • Gordon Graham

        Buy a calendar and move on, guy

      • Shiki Byakko

        Wow, thanks for that reply that has nothing to do with what I just said, and is for the most part a straight wikipedia copy paste.

        By the way, no one uses a sword anymore.

      • rancor01

        Only muslims beheading women and children. Easy enough to find the footage on liveleak – just search “woman beheaded”. Plenty of film from that toilet known as the middle east.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Only Muslims do beheading of women and children?

        Are you dumb or just never finished primary school?

        Just a small list of some famous beheading of women in the oh so civilized western world:

        María José Reyes Moore
        Anne Palles
        Anne Boleyn
        Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury
        Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford
        Lady Jane Grey
        Mary, Queen of Scots
        Lady Alice Lisle
        Marie Antoinette
        Charlotte Corday
        Olympe de Gouges
        Madame Roland
        Madame Élisabeth
        Marie Marguerite Françoise Hébert
        Benita von Falkenhayn
        Maria Restituta
        Sophie Scholl
        Anna Zippel
        Brita Zippel
        Anna Eriksdotter
        Metta Fock
        Anna Göldi
        Christa Hoyt

        Not counting the countless beheading that occur as part of the organized crime in Latin America, Africa, and so many other places in the world.

        Also, if anything, the fact that the number of men beheading is waaaay greater than their female counterparts is because of sexism.

        In fact, you almost make it sound like beheading a man is better than beheading a woman.

      • rancor01

        You have some serious issues comprehending English, so I’ll lay this out for you: YOU SAID: “By the way, no one uses a sword anymore.” AND I SAID “Only muslims beheading women and children.” You then replied with a list of people from the last 1000 years that have had swords used on them. Congrats. You know how to use Wikipedia.

        … SO – which is it – Is no one using a sword anymore, or is everyone on the list you made above using a sword?? Replying to you makes my head hurt. This is going nowhere, and you aren’t comprehending what you write, nor what others are writing. Good day to you, sir….

      • Shiki Byakko

        First, that response was not to you, the sword thing was about that guy who used this thread as a way to talk about Japanese beheading during the times of the Japanese Empire.

        Learn to follow a thread.

      • rancor01

        So – which is it? No one uses a sword anymore (which you said), or they do (which you also said)? lol. Have you been checked for schizophrenia?

      • Shiki Byakko

        Really, how messed up you have to be to use an unrelated reply for your argument.
        No one uses a sword today, not even the beheadings made by ISIS are made using a sword.
        Most of the beheadings I told you about were done by guillotine, Axe, and many other ways.

        As far as I’m aware, public beheadings using a sword were a Japanese thing.

        So no, no one uses a sword anymore.

      • AbuLahab

        Of course it is Islam. Why wouldn’t the Islamic state have anything to do with Islam? They’re beheading while quoting the Qur’an, following the example of Mohammad, and backed up by a rich history of beheadings performed in the name of Islam.

      • emenot

        F U A H O L E!

      • z-west

        It appears that the facts on the ground have made you mad.

        rinse and repeat.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Yeah, because there was no inquisition, or holy war, or any atrocity ever done in the name of the god of, just to say some other popular religion, Christianity.

      • Gordon Graham

        Get a calendar

      • Shiki Byakko

        Read the thread before commenting.

        These people are implying there is something intrinsically wrong with islam because people kill in the name of it, when that has happened with any religion that holds any kind of political power.

      • Gordon Graham

        Fair enough, so let’s take a close look at the ideas of each of those religions and examine how they influence actions in the present time. Presently we have a lot of people telling us in words and actions what the tenets of Islam mean. We are told that it is forbidden to draw a caricature of Mohammad for example. Apparently it is an offence that is punishable by death…even in a society that values and upholds the right to free speech. Where do these ideas come from and who supports them? I’ve seen large gatherings of people with signs calling for the death of those who would exercise their right to free speech, so although there are extremists there also seems to be a lot more extreme viewpoints than some would have us believe. What about the subjugation of women? Is that an idea that does not have consequences that are worth challenging? Certainly, Islam is not the only incubator of bad ideas, but at present it is the one that is most insistent on exerting them through murder and violence.

      • Shiki Byakko

        In the good ol’days you were killed if you were found to have committed blasphemy, to be a pagan, to do sorcery (whatever that was supposed to mean), to use the “name of the lord” in vain.
        In it’s time the inquisition was not some extremist fringe of the church, it was mainstream, and applauded by most.

        Subjugation of women? There are still Christians today that think that god intended for women to have a different, lesser role than men.

        And you want to talk about “today”, freedom of expression and secular thinking is recent. There were 1000 years of middle ages, and even after that the western world was still a theocracy. And before that was the Roman Empire that forced Christianity on EVERYONE.

        That’s the ONLY reason it spread so much.
        What about missions to the Americas?, they basically destroyed whole cultures and replaced them with Christianity.

        The only difference is that the Islamic world is still in that same mindset.

      • Gordon Graham

        So you think it’s excusable for someone to rape and murder a child because someone else has done so or that it is being done somewhere else in the world? Let’s do this…Let’s agree that raping and murdering a child is a bad idea and is something that should be prevented, even at the cost of offending the murdering rapists of the world.

      • Shiki Byakko

        I’ve never said it was excusable. So stop strawmanning me.

        The dumb idea that this is something special or specific of Islam is what I’m criticizing.

      • Gordon Graham

        Then let’s deal with dumb ideas of all religious and political ilk. Islam is currently the target of criticism because there is a large number of people who are bent on bringing the tenets of Islam to bear through violent means on muslims and non-muslims alike. For example, the attempt to impose blasphemy laws on a European society where blasphemy laws no longer exist, through murder, firebombing and the threat of further such reprisals.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Or wanting to impose biblical law by killing doctors who perform abortions… ups, wrong religion.

        So what’s your great idea, target people based only on their religious background?
        That doesn’t sound like a civil liberties violation at all.

        The way you treat those people is the same way you treat with any criminal.

        From the Japanese perspective, ISIS and guys like the terrorists from Aum Sinrikyo are almost identical.

        That’s why Japanese people fear organized religion for the most part.

      • Gordon Graham

        Please point out where I’ve supported Christian ideology. I’ll wait patiently for you to address the points I’ve made about condemning harmful ideas.

      • Shiki Byakko

        If you want to address bad ideas, that’s ok, so let’s get real and stop all the one sided religion bashing and put them all in the ground, ok?

        Most of the guy I was discussing with before your intervention were guys that were almost claiming that Christians are better or something like that.

        You are intervening in the middle of other discussion, and since your first comment it was clear you were not even reading the whole thread.

      • Gordon Graham

        The next time someone firebombs an abortion clinic or blows up a government building in Oklahoma I’ll certainly be willing to offer my opinion on the matter. The matter at hand is Islamic fundamentalism’s murderous manifestation. The Japan Times has clearly invited me to “Join the conversation”, so whether you approve or not I’ll intervene where I set fit. What was your original point on this particular thread again? Oh yes, don’t be quick to condemn murder done in the name of Islam because hundreds of years ago there were holy wars and the Inquisition.

      • Shiki Byakko

        No, if you don’t understand the point, ask.

        The point was, don’t feel your dumb religion is any better than other dumb religion. Also, claiming that “only Muslims do that” is simply factually not true.

        That was the point.

      • Gordon Graham

        Your response to the claim that Islam has a history of violence was…and I quote “Yeah, because there was no inquisition or holy war or any atrocity ever done in the name of god, just to say some other popular religion (sic), Christianity.” What’s not to understand? This is the type of argument commonly heard in an elementary schoolyard…”Yeah, well, Johnny did it,too!” So, again…let’s look at what Johnny did. Is Johnny still doing it…How many Johnnies in how many schoolyards are doing it…Why is Johnny doing it? How can we make Johnny stop doing it? Let’s not ignore what Johnny is doing because Abdul is also doing it. Oh and let’s not neglect to ask the same questions about Abdul. Let’s not let Abdul off the hook because Johnny is doing it, too! And here’s the point on this thread that you seemed to have missed…there is no need to bring up Johnny when Abdul is caught red handed doing it. And before you get all indignant and self-righteous about equal punishment…Yes, let’s punish them equally! Now, can we agree not to look elsewhere when either Johnny or Abdul do something harmful?

      • Shiki Byakko

        I like your characterization of a Christian with an Anglo-Saxon name, especially because most Christians are not Anglo-Saxons.

        I never said it was ok because other did it. But it seems like people here just kind of forgot history. They talk about Islam as being inherently the problem, because the middle east is still full of theocratic countries, when not so long ago Europe was just like that, for over 1000 years, all in the name of Christianity.

        Using your dumb analogy, is like if the old bully of the school was screaming at the new bully of the school is the most reprehensible person on history, and that we should get him, when, for the most part, all the old bully did all of his bulling without any repercussion at all.

        It’s kind of ironic and hypocrite, I think, but maybe I’m crazy.

      • Gordon Graham

        Not crazy, just unwilling to deal with the current issue

      • Shiki Byakko

        Brilliant rebuttal.

      • Gordon Graham

        par for the course

      • AbuLahab

        Your argument is irrelevant. If we have a Christian State today that forcefully convert disbelievers, throw homosexuals off the buildings, and behead journalists today, you have a point. But we don’t and neither do you.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Not today, but don’t forget there were 1000 years of middle age in europe, in a big part thanks to the christian faith.

        There are so many christian people today just because everyone in europe was forced to become christian.

        Same thing with latin america.

      • NankingChina

        Buy a calendar and move on, guy.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Says the guy who talked about beheading by the Japanese Empire as something current.

      • Gordon Graham

        Glad to see you learned something today

      • Sam

        “Why wouldn’t the Islamic state have anything to do with Islam?”

        You’re right. Nobody would ever lie in a name….like the Democratic Republic of the Congo and The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea…

      • AbuLahab

        Just because DR Congo or N. Korea isn’t democratic even with the name Democratic doesn’t mean that Islamic State isn’t Islamic even with the name Islamic. One has no influence on the other. Islamic State is Islamic because they are following the example of their prophet and his companions.

        You ignored my comment about the rich history of Islamic beheadings starting with Mohammad ordering the beheading of 700 men and boys of Banu Qurayza or Khalid bin Walid – “The Battle of Ullais was over. An enormous amount of booty fell into Muslim hands and included the families of the defeated imperial warriors. According to Tabari, 70,000 Persians, and Christian Arabs were killed by the Muslims including those beheaded in the river.” It is also stated that “Every vanquished warrior who fell into the victors’ hands was decapitated. Khalid was keeping his pledge! Not till sometime on the third day was the last man killed.”

      • Sam

        So the Islamic State is Islamic because they’re beheading infidels… I guess all those Muslims in Indonesia, Morocco, India, etc aren’t really Muslims then. Silly of them to think of Islam as a peaceful and tolerant religion just because over a billion of it’s adherents aren’t senselessly murdering people.

        You do realize Christianity was spread as much by violence, conquest, and forced conversions as Islam was, right? There are nutcases in every religion who will use whatever justification they can find to do what they want. The reason you’re seeing so much of it in Iraq/Syria/Jordan/Arabian Peninsula is because of instability. If America’s government collapsed and the heavily armed bible thumping classes started running around forcing their will on everyone, would you think of it being because their religion demanded it?

      • Gordon Graham

        Try not to neglect the ideas that motivate people to violence

      • Sam

        You’re neglecting the fact that 99% of Muslims are peaceful. The majority of ISIS’s victims have been Muslim. The majority of people fighting against ISIS are Muslim. Islam is just a convenient boogieman for people who fail to think critically.

      • Gordon Graham

        Let’s now have a critical look at some ideas held by that 1% and see whether or not they are in accord with the tenets of Islam…So as not to fail to think objectively, so to speak

      • Sam

        As you continually fail to grasp, Islam (or any religion) has quotes that can be used to justify anything. There are passages in the Quran that advocate violence just as there are passages that denounce killing. They are both in accord and against the teachings of Islam.

      • Gordon Graham

        “As you continually fail to grasp” WTF?

      • z-west

        F’off… muslims are disgusting.

  • Charles Burns

    Thanks for the man on the street apology, but the problem here is you aren’t seeing a public outcry across the board from Muslim LEADERS. They stay virtually mum on it. Seems because a lot of the ideals of ISIS are agreed upon in the teachings, just not shouted from the rooftops so all the world can condemn you.

    • z-west

      The “good” muslims should wage a global jihad against the “bad” muslims.

    • siam

      @hands_glued:disqus : I do agree that the Muslim Leaders aren’t really vocal nor clear. I also agree on the hint you made about their politics and ISIS’s philosophy (Qatar, Saudi Arabia especially), though maybe not on the same level. That’s the proof for me that religions and politics are different, and should be separated.

    • Totally agree with this. We hear peeps and whispers from the muslim community in comparison. However, as others have stated, let us not forget that other nation countries are at (losing the) war with ISIS.

    • “leaders”
      Yes, such a VAGUE term that you can stretch and bend to deflect any criticism.

      • Gordon Graham

        bending and deflecting criticism is keeping apologists for Islam extremely busy

      • Who needs to be “apologists” for Islam when you have these great populists in these comment fields trying to convince moderates that the Daesh are right about everything?
        They practically do the Daesh’s missionary work for them.

      • Gordon Graham

        Daesh need no help from populists. They have “missionaries” hard at work in Indonesia, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Australia, America, the Netherlands, China, Thailand the Philippines and other countries around the globe. It’s the apologists who have to be acrobats to twist and spin around the continuous spate of violence perpetrated throughout the world by different factions that have one common denominator…Islam

  • AbuLahab

    This is typical of the Muslim community. They do that here in the U.S. presumably out of the same playbook.

  • Lawrence Klepinger

    Notice to all Japanese – and everyone else.

    Please bear in mind that this person did not DENOUNCE and RECIND these “people.”

    They simply said they are “sorry.”

    It is time that the World wakes up to this despicable “cult” of death.

    Send all Muslims back to the Middle East where they belong – and leave the rest of the world alone.

    Lawrence Klepinger

    • siam

      I suppose you only read the title and went straight in the comments :

      “I don’t recognize them as Muslims; I don’t even recognize them as humans,” Mansouri said.

      • Lawrence Klepinger

        Hello Siam,

        A always get a kick out of how people like you – assume – things that simply are not true.

        Apparently, you did not read what I said.

        I siad – there was no apology – just an excuse.

        Please read, before you make uninformed statements, that are not true.

      • siam

        Funny how you deleted your comment to hide what I commented on. Isn’t that weird? Let me remind you that you wrote that “these people” didn’t denounce the crime, they only said “sorry”, and I copied/pasted the very part of the article illustrating the contrary. Now, you can get a kick out of whatever you want, though I’d advise you it’d taste better if you’d only have the balls to face your own sh*t.

      • Gordon Graham

        Just to let you know, Siam…only the site moderator can delete comments

      • Gordon Graham

        They’re not getting their ideas from the tenets of Jainism

  • z-west

    Be vigilant good people of the world… islam and it’s base of violent easy thinkers, are a blight on all humanity. They are out there.

  • siam

    Bravo to all who showed ignorance and such an ugly soul in your comments. You’re just spreading hate, Islam is a pretext, you’re hating for the sake of it. This is a Japanese news website, and this is an article about Japanese muslims (and muslims in Japan), yet you used it to project your venom. People in Islam are diverse, the context and politics are also another major point in the debate, yet you’re lumping us all in the same bag. History is too complex for you, right? It’s easier to spit on something you don’t understand, right? Humans will never change, if you swap the word “muslim” to another, you’d realize how little we advanced in time. Thanks to the very few who did try to see beyond your mud (hitokiri 1989, shiki byakko). I’ll pray for Kenji Goto, and try to stay positive.

    • Gordon Graham

      At the moment the world is under threat from a particular ideology. The ideology that subjugates women, stones people to death for adultery, hangs people for being gay, murders children for going to school, slaughters cartoonists for satire, demands death for apostasy and imagines itself to be the final and only ideology. That these are all bad ideas I hope you can agree.

  • bhaskarmittal

    check out www faithfreedom org and you will understand, what Islam and muslims really want. Till they are in absolute minority, world is safe. As soon as they grow, they really spread like Cancer.

  • Ostap Bender

    “He also said people need to develop a greater appreciation of different cultures so such a tragedy will not be repeated.
    “There are prejudices and misunderstandings about the Muslim religion. Those things could lead to the next crisis.””
    So far it hasn’t been “prejudices and misunderstandings about the Muslim religion” that have caused crises but Muslim prejudice. So far it’s been Muslims who have perpetrated violence. When will Muslims value life over holy books?

  • Gordon Graham

    Muslim apologists have been extremely busy in recent years

  • 33davidjohnson

    Wonder why all those Islamic countries surround ow the Islamic State do not do anything…. It is the same old battle for power in the region and the old hatred between Shia and Sunni. Oil is cheap these days. And it will lose importance as supply gets more widespread. In 50 years there will be nothing to fight over. Let us hope!

  • CJ Takeda

    I am glad that countries like Japan spend their money wisely. I hope that our leaders put an end to terrorism by using their advanced tech in preventing their brutality.

  • kononwa

    What a load of unmitigated BS! Why are supposedly “educated” people still in total denial about islam and its very-publicly stated intentions? What could possibly be their vested interest in believing these lies, other than sellf-righteous denial and intellectual cowardice? Must be very comforting to only accept what “feels good”, but it must be even less comforting to have your head sawn off slowly while still alive.

    Regarding previous comments, the only “good muslim” is one who punctiliously follows the unchangeable, unedited dictates of the quran, the ahadith, and the sīrat rasūl allāh. If you’ve studied them then you know that a “good muslim” emulates unquestionably the thoughts, words, and deeds of the self-styled prophet muhammad, a murdering, robbing, raping, paedophiliac psychopath. Anything less is apostasy, which is punishable by death. So, now please explain what is meant by “moderate muslim” – but only answer if you are well informed on the subject less you exhibit abject politically-correct ignorance.

    How do you say “taqiyya” in Japanese?

  • Sam

    I would like to agree with you that the world might be better off without religion but that’s just a childish John Lennon-esque pipe dream.

    The Quran has passages advocating violence and passages advocating peace. Islam isn’t evil or good, it’s just a tool that people will use to justify the horrible things they want to do or something that will inspire them to be a better person. The religion isn’t to blame; the murderous barbarians pretending they’re righteous are.

    • AbuLahab

      I didn’t say “we’d be better off without religion”. How many strawman you got in your pocket? Qur’an is to be read in the chronological order. When Mohammad was in Mecca and Muslims were weak, Allah (Mohammad’s construction) “revealed” peaceful verses. After the Hijra to Medina, the “revelations” became more confrontational and belligerent. Conveniently it is the time when Muslims became stronger.

      If you read the link I posted regarding the fatwa on punishment on homosexuality, you’d see that it is backed up by Islamic texts and tradition. Islamic State did not arise out of thin air. They represent the pure Islam from the time of Mohammad.

  • achakma

    Muslims are liars. ISIS acted 100% according to Islam and Quran. There are numerous verses in Quran that encourage killing, raping and terrorizing infidels or kafirs. Muslims want to hide their true color because number of Muslims in Japan is still small. If Japan is wise, it should expel all Muslims from its border and sever diplomatic relation with all Muslim nations for peace and stability of Japan.

  • achakma

    Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa’s beheading are not the first act of terrorism against Japanese citizens. Muslim terrorists beheaded a Japanese man in Iraq in 2005. As recently as in January 2015, Muslims raped a Japanese Buddhist pilgrim in Bodh Gaya, India. A Saudi born Muslim terrorist vandalized Buddhist temple in Tokyo in June 2014. For Japan it’s time to wake up and expel Muslims from its border.



  • Nono, see, you clearly do not get how it works around here:
    The media not reporting it DOES mean that no one is vocal against ISIS, see?
    “I don’t see it, therefore it isn’t happening” is the mentality in charge here.

  • ⱧÅⱧÅ ḶỎḶ (╭☞⁰

    The Japanese Muslims haven’t read their own holy book. For it clearly says:

    Koran, 2:216 – “FIGHTING is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.

    Koran, 4:76 – “Those who believe FIGHT in the cause of Allah…

    Koran, 8:12 – “I will cast TERROR into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS and strike off every fingertip of them

    Koran, 33:57, 33:61 – “Surely those who speak evil things of Allah and His Messenger, Allah has CURSED them in this world and the here after…CURSED: wherever they are found they shall be seized and MURDERED, a (horrible) murdering.

    (The usual apologist’s response is that these verses were taken ‘out of context’ which is not true!)

    And I haven’t gone into the Hadiths yet….

  • ⱧÅⱧÅ ḶỎḶ (╭☞⁰

    In Sura 5:32 you obviously pulled a Taqiyya on us!

    Note the part “unless … spreading mischief in the land“. It clearly applies to killing Muslims only, not killing non-Muslims.

    The very next verse, Sura 5:33 says “the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off …..“.

    i m proud to be a muslim because islam is peace religion

    Calling Islam the “religion of peace” is like calling North Korea the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. Islam is the opposite of peace, just like North Korea is the opposite of a democracy!

    i don’t know they call them self muslim because they don’t know anything about islam.

    Yup, they are Muslims. They justify the torching of the Jordanian pilot using verse, Sura 16:126 :
    And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed.