少女3人はサッカーに打ち込んで互いにつながり、自信を付けていく。一人はユニホームの「YAMAMOTO」という名前を「KIM」と上書きした。「いつか誰もがありのままに生きられる世界になるって? そんなの待ってられないよ」。

Words and phrases

スポーツ用品(ようひん) sporting goods

大手 (おおて) major company

ナイキジャパン Nike Japan

11月末 (じゅういちがつまつ) end of November

公開(こうかい)する to make available to the public

日本 (にほん) Japan

民族 (みんぞく) race, ethnic group

国籍 (こくせき) nationality

など and others

〜による by~, based on~

差別 (さべつ) discrimination

描(えが)く to portray

CM commercial

反響(はんきょう)を呼(よ)ぶ to evoke a reaction

動画投稿(どうがとうこう)サイト video posting website

ユーチューブ YouTube

再生回数 (さいせいかいすう) number of views

今月 (こんげつ) this month

3日 (みっか) the 3rd

一千万回 (いっせんまんかい) 10 million times

突破 (とっぱ) exceeding

同社 (どうしゃ) same company

全(すべ)て all

アスリート athlete

直面(ちょくめん)する to face

バリアー barrier

打(う)ち破(やぶ)る to break down

〜目的(もくてき)とする to have ~ as an objective

説明(せつめい)する to explain

黒人 (こくじん) Black person

親 (おや) parent

持(も)つ to have

少女 (しょうじょ) young girl

在日(ざいにち)コリアン ethnic Korean residents of Japan

〜とみられる seems to be~

学校 (がっこう) school

いじめを受(う)ける to be bullied

民族衣装 (みんぞくいしょう) ethnic costume

チマ・チョゴリ Chima jeogori, traditional form of Korean dress for women

歩(ある)く to walk

サラリーマン businessman

男 (おとこ) man

白(しろ)い目(め)を向(む)ける to look coldly on

3人 (さんにん) three people

サッカー soccer

〜に打(う)ち込(こ)む to dedicate oneself to~

互(たが)いに to each other

つながる to be connected

自信(じしん)を付(つ)ける to gain confidence

一人 (ひとり) one person

ユニホーム uniform

という called

名前 (なまえ) name

上書(うわが)きする to overwrite

いつか sometime, someday

誰(だれ)もが everybody

ありのままに as it is

生(い)きる to live

世界 (せかい) world

〜になる to become~

そんなの such a thing

待(ま)つ to wait

Quick questions

1) ナイキジャパンはどのようなCMを公開しましたか?

2) 同社によると、CMの目的は何ですか?

3) どのような少女が描かれていますか?


Major sporting goods company Nike Japan released a video commercial at the end of November, evoking a reaction by depicting discrimination in Japan based on ethnicity and nationality. The number of views on the video posting site “YouTube” as of the 3rd of this month, exceeded 10 million. The company explains that it “aims to break down the barriers faced by all athletes in Japan.”

The commercial shows girls, including one with a Black parent and another who appears to be an ethnic Korean resident in Japan, getting bullied at school or being given a cold stare by a businessman while walking in her traditional Korean dress, a “chima jeogori.”

The three girls connect with each other and dedicate themselves to soccer, going forward with confidence. One of them overwrites her (Japanese) name “YAMAMOTO” on her soccer uniform with (her original Korean family name) “KIM.” (A voice in the background says,) “Someday the world will accept people as they are? We can’t just wait around for that.”


1) What kind of commercial video did Nike Japan release?


A video depicting discrimination in Japan based on ethnicity and nationality.

2) According to the company, what is the aim of the video?


To break down the barriers faced by all athletes in Japan.

3) What kind of girls are depicted in the video?


A girl with a Black parent and another who appears to be a Korean resident in Japan.

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