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Words and phrases

冬 (ふゆ) winter

地球温暖化 (ちきゅうおんだんか) global warming

対策 (たいさく) countermeasure

〜として as 〜

オフィス office

家庭 (かてい) household

暖房 (だんぼう) heating

使用 (しよう) use

できるだけ as much as possible

控(ひか)える to restrain, to hold back on

ウォームビズ Warm Biz campaign

2日(ふつか) the 2nd

本格的(ほんかくてき)に in earnest

スタートする to start

来年 (らいねん) next year

3月 (さんがつ) March

〜まで until 〜

小泉進次郎 (こいずみしんじろう) Shinjiro Koizumi

環境相 (かんきょうしょう) environment minister

来年度 (らいねんど) next fiscal year

以降 (いこう) since, onward

夏場 (なつば) summertime

冷房 (れいぼう) cooler, air conditioning

クールビズ Cool Biz campaign

〜とともに along with 〜

実施期間 (じっしきかん) implementation period

企業 (きぎょう) company

個人 (こじん) individual

委(ゆだ)ねる to leave to, to entrust

方針 (ほうしん) policy

国 (くに) country [a stand-in for national government]

設(もう)ける to set

環境省 (かんきょうしょう) Ministry of the Environment

提唱(ていしょう)する to call for, to propose

年 (ねん) year

開始 (かいし) start

重(かさ)ね着(ぎ) layered clothing

など and others

工夫 (くふう) device, arrangement

室温 (しつおん) room temperature

度(ど) degree

快適(かいてき)に comfortably

過(す)ごす to spend time

生活(せいかつ)スタイル lifestyle

〜を目指(めざ)す to aim for ~

住宅 (じゅうたく) residence

断熱 (だんねつ) heat insulation

性能 (せいのう) performance

向上 (こうじょう) improvement

省(しょう)エネ energy-saving

家電 (かでん) home electrical appliance

導入 (どうにゅう) introduction

呼(よ)び掛(か)ける to call for

Quick questions

1) ウォームビズとは何ですか?

2) 小泉進次郎環境相は来年度以降、何を変える方針ですか?

3) ウォームビズでどのような対策が呼び掛けられていますか?


As a countermeasure against global warming in winter, the “Warm Biz” campaign started in earnest on the 2nd, to reduce as much as possible the use of heaters in offices and households. (It will continue) until March of next year. Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi, from the next fiscal year onward, will leave the policy’s implementation period to companies and individuals along with the summertime “Cool Biz” campaign to cut back on air conditioning, so the government will not set the (implementation) period.

Proposed by the Environment Ministry, Warm Biz launched in 2005. It aims for comfortably spent lifestyles at room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and the arrangement of layered clothing and so on. It also calls for improving the thermal insulation performance of residences and introducing energy-saving home electrical appliances.


1) What is Warm Biz?


It is a countermeasure against global warming in the winter.

2) What does Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi plan to change from the next fiscal year?


He plans to leave the implementation period of Warm Biz and Cool Biz to companies and individuals.

3) What kinds of Warm Biz measures are called for?


Wearing layered clothing, improving thermal insulation performance of homes and introducing energy-saving home appliances.

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