Words and phrases

忍者 (にんじゃ) ninja

屋敷 (やしき) residence

〜と伝(つた)わる is said to be 〜

青森県 (あおもりけん) Aomori Prefecture

弘前市 (ひろさきし) city of Hirosaki

古民家 (こみんか) old Japanese-style house

買(か)い手 (て) buyer

見(み)つける to find out, to discover

今後 (こんご) hereafter

見学 (けんがく) study by observation

ツアー tour

など and others

〜を通(つう)じて through 〜

歴史 (れきし) history

文化 (ぶんか) culture

体験 (たいけん) experience

施設 (しせつ) facility, institution

〜として as a 〜

保存(ほぞん)する to preserve, to save

活用(かつよう)する to utilize

13日 (じゅうさんにち) the 13th

決(き)める to decide

管理費 (かんりひ) maintenance cost

負担 (ふたん) burden

〜を理由(りゆう)に on the grounds of 〜

所有者 (しょゆうしゃ) owner

売(う)りに出(だ)す to put up for sale/offer

取(と)り壊(こわ)し demolition

可能性 (かのうせい) possibility

危機 (きき) crisis

回避 (かいひ) avoidance, evasion

関係者 (かんけいしゃ) people concerned, those involved

胸(むね)をなで下(お)ろす to feel relieved

保存活動 (ほぞんかつどう) preservation activities

中心 (ちゅうしん) the center, the core

担(にな)う to bear, to shoulder

青森大 (あおもりだい) Aomori University

部 (ぶ) club

顧問 (こもん) advisor

清川繁人 (きよかわしげと) Shigeto Kiyokawa

教授 (きょうじゅ) professor

同日 (どうじつ) the same day

現地(げんち)で on the spot (of the action)

記者会見 (きしゃかいけん) press conference

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

氏 (し) Mr., Ms.

最適(さいてき)な most appropriate

良(よ)い good

述(の)べる to mention

Quick questions

1) 忍者屋敷は今後どのように活用されますか?

2) 忍者屋敷が売りに出された理由の一つは何ですか?

3) 保存活動の中心を担うのはだれですか?


A buyer has been found for an old Japanese-style house said to be a “ninja residence” in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, and it was decided on Oct. 13 that it will be preserved as a historical and cultural experiential facility hereafter through “study tours” and so on. The owners put it up for sale on the grounds of maintenance cost burdens and there was a possibility of demolition, but a crisis was avoided much to the relief of those involved.

Shouldering the core of the preservation activities is Aomori University (Aomori City) ninja club advisor professor Shigeto Kiyokawa, who announced (the plan) at a press conference held on site the same day. “We are very glad that we were able to find a perfect buyer to preserve it,” Kiyokawa mentioned.


1) How will the ninja residence be utilized hereafter?


It will be preserved and utilized as a historical and cultural experiential facility through “study tours” and so on.

2) What was one of the reasons the ninja house was put up for sale?


The burden of maintenance costs.

3) Who shoulders the core of the preservation activities?


Professor Shigeto Kiyokawa, the ninja club advisor of Aomori University.

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