Fish and Chips — the British national cuisine — has finally made its debut on convenience store shelves. FamilyMart started selling something similar called Fish Fry a while back, but Seven-Eleven has gone the whole hog, and began selling a packaged version of the dish in July.

The drawbacks: You may not be satisfied with the scale, there are only three pieces of white fish and around 10 small wedges in each small triangular bag. And, unlike the crispy batter of fish from any good chippy in the U.K., the texture of both the fish and the chips is quite light and soft.

Things are made better by dipping the fish and chips in the accompanying tartar sauce, but if you want to go full British and add salt and vinegar and some mushy peas on the side, you'll have to take care of that yourself. Then, turn The Beatles' music on, put on the kettle, pull out your chip fork and enjoy.

Each pack of is just ¥230 before tax. To "cook," open the bag carefully and heat it in the microwave for one minute. Aside from the questionable authenticity — which real-life Brits might struggle with — it's a snack that goes well with a pint of beer or two, or is good for a sneaky treat in the office.