For Hideto Irikawa, a successful cafe is a hub that offers "community access for everyone."

Of course, what "community" looks like depends entirely on the neighborhood, and Tokyo's vary immensely in atmosphere, from the subculture vibes of Harajuku to the more traditional Asakusa and everything in between. What's common to each is an effort to take advantage of Tokyo's rising tourist numbers, and many cafes are starting to offer innovative ways to combine quality coffee and sightseeing.

One of Irikawa's newer ventures, Trex Toranomon Cafe, combines a specialty bike shop with an all-purpose cafe space. Toranomon is a business district, positioned between the more tourist-friendly Ginza and Roppongi neighborhoods. But that makes the area, and Trex, the perfect starting point for those who want to experience Tokyo on two wheels and also grab a meal or cup of coffee. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of a particular neighborhood — something that Irikawa researches extensively in advance — are how cafes can positively contribute to machi-zukuri, or "urban development."